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Private eyes are watching you?: Possible #1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell says that at one point recently an NFL team -- he says he does not know which one -- spied on him for a period of several days and possibly longer by assigning someone to follow him. Fair game or not?

posted by forrestv to football at 02:19 AM on April 27 - 40 comments

Tom Brady Blitzes Yahoo!: In a federal complaint, Brady charges Yahoo! used his photo without authorization in a September 2006 Sports Illustrated ad and in banner ads on Yahoo! Sports pages. Brady alleges that Yahoo!'s use of his image (he's one of six players in the ad) connotes a false endorsement and, as such, is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages against the company.

posted by forrestv to football at 09:31 PM on December 07 - 45 comments

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked: In the White Sox vs. Rangers game yesterday, rookie reliever Sean Tracey got yanked after what looked like a failed plunk attempt on Hank Blalock (who grounded out.) Tracey, who got called up to replace the injured Cliff Politte, got an earful from manager Ozzie Guillen, then demoted back to Triple A. Does Tracey deserve sympathy or did he get what he deserved?

posted by forrestv to baseball at 07:32 AM on June 15 - 109 comments

Mad About Ricky: Theismann slams Argos for signing Williams.

posted by forrestv to football at 07:14 PM on May 30 - 39 comments

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Federal Judge Tosses Brady's 4-Game NFL Suspension

I don't care for Goodell, but I don't understand the cries for him to resign or be fired. The owners hired him to be what he istheir version of Vince McMahon. Except for the few owners who can't seem to get out of their own way, he takes all the heat away. Fans, media, and even non-football fans see him as a villainand people love to hate a heel. Is he Draconian? Absolutely. Inept? Eh. I bet a lot of people who used to hate Brady/The Patriots have sympathy now. I have an easier time believing he's a diabolical genius than Barney Fife.

posted by forrestv at 03:38 PM on September 03

Epic Mavs Comeback Shocks Thunder

Whenever I would read or hear someone compare Kobes playoff performances to Michael Jordans, I would roll my eyes. Cant remember which announcer said it last night, but they compared Dirks performance in these playoffs to the performances Jordan used to have. Didnt roll my eyes. Never felt one way or the other about Dirk, but I think Im a fan. Guy is amazing right now.

posted by forrestv at 03:15 PM on May 24

Is Matt Leinart a Starting QB?

He's got talent, but he plays like he's afraid of getting hit.

posted by forrestv at 12:18 AM on June 10

Alabama Beats Florida to Reach National Championship Game

I hate Saban for how he bailed on the Dolphins, but I was pulling for him and the Tide. Just got tired of hearing about Florida/Tebow all the time. I guess now I'll pull for Tebow/Florida and hope Saban loses the championship game.

posted by forrestv at 11:37 PM on December 05

NFL Changes Rules for Cowboys' Giant HDTV

If I was a coach, and my defense was gassed, or it needed some time to get it together, I'd tell my punter to aim for the TV. Multiple times, if necessary (I'd give the gunners a heads up.)

posted by forrestv at 05:23 PM on August 30

SI Writer: LeBron Snubbed Magic to Send 'Clear Message'

While I don't applaud James for what he did (or didn't do), I understand. If it really was a planned message, it's a pretty good one.

posted by forrestv at 07:43 PM on June 02

Tony Kornheiser Out at Monday Night Football

Now I can watch with the volume on again.

posted by forrestv at 03:02 PM on May 18

Because it's never too early to start fantasizing about football

The Jerkface Smilers are down (trying to repeat in the H2H league.)

posted by forrestv at 02:42 PM on June 07

Deja vu all over again for the Bengals

dviking, you don't want those leads. Trust me.

posted by forrestv at 11:42 PM on May 20

Deja vu all over again for the Bengals

I'm not convinced that NHL or MLB players (other than Lastings Milledge) get in trouble less than those in the NFL or NBA. Or where a player grew up determines how they tick as an adult. Sometimes a prick is just a prick. It boils down to coverage. Scandal stories -- in light of Roger Goodell's new conduct policy -- are all the rage. If Nicholson was just an average joe, the only way this misdemeanor makes the wires is if the woman he's charged with assaulting was, say, a midget clown porn star, or something really odd.

posted by forrestv at 11:05 PM on May 20

Dear Senator Brownback:

That little tidbit seemed like it would be better in The Onion. Wow.

posted by forrestv at 02:10 AM on May 13

Down Goes De La Hoya

Mayweather played out his chicken shit game plan and won the only way he possibly could. There are quite a few of boxing's beloved figures who put together "chicken shit game plan"s to win titles. Remember Ali's Rope-A-Dope? Sugar Ray Leonard's jab and clinch? If you are the champion and clearly fight the more aggressive fight, the challenger needs to put in a spectacular performance, Mayweather didn't do that; most of his punches landed on De La Hoyas gloves or arms. I think De La Hoya has a right to feel aggrieved. It's not like Mayweather was some club boxer from Bumfuck, Montanta. He already had some titles of his own and is considered one of, if not the best, boxers in professional boxing.

posted by forrestv at 05:13 PM on May 06

Respect for the dead

Hunh. I tend to stay away from the "." eulogy threads because I don't understand them. They make about as much as sense as pouring some 40-water on the ground for a dead homie (and I used to be a gangbanger, so I'm familiar with the phenomena.) Not all SpoFi members believe funerals should be sober events (where I lived a few years ago funerals were parade-like and I totally dug it) or that people can die before their time or that condolences need to be offered. Some, like me, believe, no one gets robbed. When you're done, you're done. And yet, veteran members, members who know how diverse we as a community are, still get their panties up in a bunch when it comes to stuff like this. I don't think Hancock is a bad guy for driving drunk, but if Grum wants to think that, I've got no problem with it. Frankly, I'm more offended when members (usually new ones) go Sally Struthers on the rest of us. But that's just me.

posted by forrestv at 05:23 PM on May 03

Buzz for De La Hoya-Mayweather

I really miss boxing-as-legitimate-sport Boxing has always had corrupt guys in charge, but I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to be a boxer. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield on cable had a lot to do with it. Boxing, in general, on network TV had even more to do with it. My friends and I bought every issue of Ring magazine. Even collected boxing cards. Those days were a long time ago. De La Hoya vs. Mayweather might be boxing's swan song (at least with white America.) To be honest, I didn't think it had even one last hurrah left. (As a side note, the fight kind of reminds me of Rocky Balboa vs. Clubber Lang -- the first time.)

posted by forrestv at 04:05 PM on May 03

Pats Making Move For Moss

Brain, QB ratings are a whole 'nother can of worms. I'm one of those Raiders fans who had no love for Walter, but he had a horrible line and no running game. So throw ratings out...

posted by forrestv at 02:37 AM on May 01