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T.O. in Big D

T.O is going to be great in Dallas. Dallas is going to have a great season. Dallas will make the playoffs. T.O, I'm sure is going to have a great season, with a great attitude. T.O is going to change is personna, and turn things around. I can't wait until the season finnaly gets underway.Go COWBOYS and COLTS.

posted by peyton backer at 12:11 PM on March 18

America's Favorite Player Released.

I say give this guy another chance. Maybe he has learned a valuble lessen. I hope Dallas picks him up.

posted by peyton backer at 10:53 PM on March 14

Emmitt Smith:

Michael Irvin was great and plenty of people care if he gets in the Hall of Fame. Who cares what you think BullpinPro, didn't you mamma teach you maners. Your attitude sucks.

posted by peyton backer at 01:39 PM on February 04

Big Ben Parties Like A Champ!

It looks like his haeds not in the game. If he parties like that right before the game it will show and the SEAHAWKS will win 38 to 3

posted by peyton backer at 10:42 PM on February 01

As if anyone needed extra motivation.

It's true jerome will not leave with the trophy the Steelers are going to loose.

posted by peyton backer at 10:36 PM on February 01