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Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

As long as the NFL continues to churn out 290# d-lineman that can run the 40yd dash in around 4.7 -4.8 seconds you will continue see the big "fat" 320# offensive lineman that can run the 40yd dash in about 5.0 - 5.2 seconds. Get off the steroids issue this is the NFL not MLB, the NFL actually has a drug policy that works and discourages the use for any player with common sense. Now for the excess weight issue. I think it is all about motivation. I wish the NFL would give retired players a bonus as they shed the weight they played with. I could see it now.... It is hard to be motivated to work out after doing it for 12-15 ect. years because you "had to". After becoming unemployed by the NFL it is easy for players to wake up the next day and say....hmmmmm work out for what reason??? Retired means not doing a job any more and working out is part of the NFL job. But, I'll bet as crazy as it sounds if the NFL had weight loss bonuses for retired players, most offensive lineman would shed the weight quicker. Lets face it we are all motivated by money. Yeah, I want to be around when my kids have kids, but you offer me a few thousand to shed some pounds, I am all over it. Look at the show biggest loser. Offer some people a little money and bam...suddenly they are weight loss experts. If the NFL pays to become big and stay big during employment they should step up and offer assistance on the loss side of the issue. Just a thought....send it on to taglibue.

posted by bvstore78 at 12:27 AM on February 01