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Armstrong cleared of doping during 1999 Tour de France

Love the censorship on this site.

posted by shootinggold at 06:59 PM on June 02

Duke University cancels lacrosse season amid rape allegations

I believe that the bottom line here is that these student-athletes are representatives of Duke University, and they have done a poor job of that representation. Most are probably on scholarship and they all receive uniforms, equipment transportation to events and meals and lodging while at away events. This is a sort of payment in kind for the representation they provide the University. As a former student-athlete at a Div I school I was held to a higher behavioral standard than were the rest of the student body. What Duke University has done in cancelling the season is really all they can do at this point. This is a criminal matter for the proper authorities to sort out. Cancelling the season is not a punishment, nor will it ever be grounds for defamation of character. They have not said the "Student x or Student y" are rapists with out proof. All they have done is take action to try and protect their reputation as an athletic department and a University that has had their image tarnished by a few members of their student body. I'm sure that if the guilty parties are found, whether it be the accused (lacrosse team) or accuser, then the appropriate actions will be taken by the authorities and Duke University.

posted by shootinggold at 07:56 AM on April 07

Recruit: A&M Gives You 'Plenty of Money'

Ying Yang Mafia is right on. This is a "big sport" issue. When I competed in college I won 3 NCAA team championships and all I got was my tuition and a sweat shirt for a team uniform. I had to pay for everything else. I took a class with one of the B-Ball players and was in class every day. I saw him twice. The first day of class and the Final exam day. He did better in the class than I did, but then again he never won a championship, NCAA, conference or otherwise.

posted by shootinggold at 04:48 PM on February 05