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Sports Bio

Being a Birmingham City fan I have attended far more disasters than triumphs. This all changed on 12-5-02.
After 16 years out of the top flight we qualified for the play offs for the 5th year running. After a pretty lame draw in the home leg of the semi final we won with a last minute goal in the away leg, prompting a major riot by the home fans.
Onto the final and the most emotional day of my life (outside births deaths marriages etc). I can only just bring myself to speak of it and still haven't watched the video; far too emotional. I hated every last minute of the game, even when we were winning. At one point I was convinced I was about to die; palpitations, inability to breathe, inability to speak, overwhelming desire to burst into tears.
Anyway, we won, after extra time and penalties. A young kid called Darren Carter, a lifelong Blues fan who wasn't even in the first team squad at the beginning of the season, smashed home the deciding penalty. The place went crazy, well half of it did. Never again will I experience scenes and emotions like that because it can never happen again. Never again we will be in the position of perennial underachievers who had never won a penalty shoot out. Never again will it mean so much to 35000 diehards who had lived through some very bad and embarrassing times. We are up with the elite now and no tickets will be on sale to the casual or skint supporter. That day, in May, glorious as it was, has changed everything.
Supporting Blues has been character forming and helped me to cope with lifes vicissitudes with equanimity. I am going to miss the bad days.
I also saw Ian Botham score one of the fastest centuries in history at Edgbaston, but that hardly seems to matter.

Recent Links

Tracing footballs tribal roots: is a good article, which might be of interest to aficionados of the beautiful game. Should there be a daily world cup huddle where stuff like this can get posted?

posted by Fat Buddha to soccer at 02:48 PM on June 09 - 4 comments

The comedy club of Newcastle Utd F.C: Continues to have us all rolling in the aisles. When he was at Wimbledon, Joe Kinnear, Newcastles caretaker manager used to come across as quite avuncular and jovial, as soon as he turned up at Newcastle though, he looked old, sad, lost and bewildered. Time (a full week) in the job seems to have taken its toll, if this transcript of a press conference is anything to go by. You need to read right until the end for the full belly laugh.

posted by Fat Buddha to soccer at 02:58 PM on October 03 - 8 comments

Feck off to Vile Park: is a favourite response to opinions that may be unkind to my chosen team on the various message boards that I frequent. It's the same on every other board, apparently. This is a great article which one or two on here might relate to.

posted by Fat Buddha to soccer at 11:28 AM on February 08 - 6 comments

Belated birthday wishes: to football! Sheffield FC, the oldest club in the world celebrated its 150th birthday yesterday. Meanwhile, the muscular Christians responsible for starting many of our clubs also deserve a bit of recognition. Who would have thunk it, from a sport which was popularised as result of attempts to keep scraggy arsed working class males from marmalising one another in pubs ............................to David Beckham.

posted by Fat Buddha to soccer at 05:38 PM on October 25 - 5 comments

More fantasy soccer: I appreciate that we already have a perfectly good league and don't need another. However. The Sunday Times reckons its new game is more cerebral than the others, requiring more thought and analysis. The scoring system is more complex and transfers have to be negotiated with other managers. It could be good, it could be crap, who knows. Anyway, I have taken the liberty of setting up a spofi league with room for 15 teams. Feel free to join. The league name is Spofi and the password is Lebowski

posted by Fat Buddha to fantasy at 03:04 PM on July 28 - 15 comments

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Liverpool Sells Luiz Suarez to Barcelona

Typically astute of Suarez to head for Barcelona as they are on the slide, while Liverpool are on the way up. If he sees out all 5 of his contracted seasons, I will eat my hat

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:25 PM on July 11

MetaFilter User Proposes New Site Called 'Sportsfilter'

I don't understand the daily huddle. It frightens me. That's why I stopped coming.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:24 PM on July 10

Join SportsFilter's Fantasy Premiership

When I made my awful, useless team, it automatically put me in the Spofi league. I am surmising that this is the incorrect league?

posted by Fat Buddha at 05:26 PM on August 24

Football's Back!

I don't usually have much interest in Liverpool Bill, being as they are usually at the top end and we usually stuff 'em, but I am interested this year, because of the signings since January. I read about the owners and how they go about recruitment in the baseball (or is football) teams in the USA, and it doesn't really seem to add up.

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:26 PM on August 12

Football's Back!

I'm not a fan of the top end of the prem, but there is some fascinating stuff at the bottom and the middle.

Swansea tend to try and play a version of the beautiful game so I am looking forward to see how they do.

I'm hoping Martinez has a great season with Wigan, for at least 2 reasons.

I'm hoping, and predicting that McLeish has a rubbish season with Villa.

I'm intrigued by all Bruces buys at Sunderland.

I'm wondering how Pardew will cope with second season syndrome at Newcastle

Jol's appointment at Fulham bodes well for some entertainment, if only in the press conferences.

I'm looking forward to Hodgsons gnomic post match comments.

And, Bill, dear boy..football started back last week, for gawds sake!

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:16 PM on August 12

EPL Fantasy

Ta. No messing about this year. No sentimental desire to pollute my team with rubbish Birmingham players. Everyone will be hanging on to my coat tails!

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:08 PM on August 12

EPL Fantasy

I might be in and I might not, I can't figure it out

posted by Fat Buddha at 01:37 PM on August 11

Barcelona wins Champions League

Barcelona are impossible to defend against; every one of them has an exquisite first touch, every one one of them knows how to make space, and to find space, and to get away from man marker, every one of them can weigh a pass, it is bewildering to watch, to play against must be a dizzying nightmare.

Manchester did OK, and were very competitive, which made for a good match, but the result never really seemed in doubt.

Hurray for the midgets!

posted by Fat Buddha at 07:19 AM on May 29

The Ghost With a Hammer in His Hand

I'm a huge fan of Pearsons, and I reckon that his best ever article, closely followed by this one

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:53 PM on August 10

Martin O'Neill resigns as Aston Villa manager

The General speaks

posted by Fat Buddha at 08:59 AM on August 10

Martin O'Neill resigns as Aston Villa manager

Nice to see the claret and blue chumps in turmoil just as the season is about to start. I like O Neill, and to have them finish so high so regularly is some achievement, but chuff me he wasted a hell of a lot of money.

posted by Fat Buddha at 08:15 AM on August 10

Four Days Until Germany Meets Spain

The Germans don't like it up 'em. They looked lost when England enjoyed a 5 minute renaissance!

Not sure JJ is being entirely fair on Spain; they have played teams with no real interest in attacking, whereas Germany have played teams with no real talent for defending.

As for toothless Barcelona, they scored 98 goals in the league alone!

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:55 PM on July 05

Petacchi Wins Tour De France First Stage

Last year a number of riders tweeted enthusiastically throughout the race, but they seem to have been silenced. Michael Rogers seems to building up an entertaining grudge with Cavendish though.

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:45 PM on July 05

Petacchi Wins Tour De France First Stage

Did you know that you can track the HTC team with Google, gives location and will even tell you the speed that they are riding and what their heart rate is.

posted by Fat Buddha at 02:11 PM on July 05

Argentina Meets Germany, Paraguay Meets Spain

Think yourselves lucky; you could have to put with the incomprehensible Adebayor

posted by Fat Buddha at 06:44 PM on July 03