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Big Success for Little United

Man City deserved the win. Man U has been playing sorry defense as of late, not to mention mediocre offense. the hell is happening with the reds?

posted by LA man at 01:28 PM on January 14

Man U and Arsenal managers give up on title.

chelsea maybe on top right now but the only team that has beaten 'em is MAN U. as for not catchin' up to chelsea yet? well, chelsea has been getting by just one goal in most games lately. n' the second time these two meet, chelsea will go down again. it's only a matter of time 'fore they draw a few if not lose to another team other than MAN U. n' that's all i have got to say, cheers --

posted by LA man at 10:17 PM on January 04

Taking a Header

haha, that "soccer helmet" is something i wouldnt be surprised if the "AYSO" endorsed. its funny enough to see the coaches compliment, motivate, or whatever it is they try to do on the field just so the kiddies wont feel bad when they kick the ball a few hundred feet off target. the first thing that needs to be done is change "soccer" to football ... simply because thats what it is ... especially in this country that prides itself in being politically correct (whatever that means). how do ya go about calling pro-handball (nfl) football when all they use their feet is for running? hell, why not call baseball, basketball, and even hockey football or footpuck? baserunning = baseball, placing ball inside basket/net = basketball, etc., etc. anywho, yeah sounds like a conspiracy to me. perhaps dying sports feeling threatened ...? i wouldnt know

posted by LA man at 11:19 PM on December 23

Houston Scores Major League Soccer Franchise

yeah, man that is pretty lame. all san jose has now is the sharks (as far as i know). so, i dont really see how "kicking" the quakes out is good for the local economy. but thats getting into politics n' it aint my dept. for one thing though, the city screwed all the fans, loyal fans i might add. i cant recall another club with a more devoted following storming into the HDC to face off against the galaxy, which made the football atmosphere a lot better. and there goes the original "california classico," prob. the best rivalry in the MLS if ya ask me. but one thing i dont understand, does that mean as soon as or dare i say "if" (damn politics) san jose gets the quakes back, will they be returning as the san jose earthquakes as they originally were (including colors n' everything other than players, etc.)? the comish wasnt clear enough for me or maybe its just me. oh, well. anyway, heres to sj getting the quakes back --cheers

posted by LA man at 09:55 PM on December 16