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Shit, fan. Fan, shit.:

posted by Prince Valium to baseball at 12:27 PM on March 07 - 183 comments

Gene Mauch,: journeyman big-league manager for 26 years, died Monday at 79. Few suffered through more on-field misery for so long than Mauch, who is best known for presiding over the Donnie Moore game in '86. He also had the honor of managing the expansion Expos for seven years. But in spite of the awful teams he skippered, Mauch cobbled together a respectable 1,902-2,037 record and is lauded by two generations of players as one of the game's preeminent strategists and teachers.

posted by Prince Valium to baseball at 12:40 AM on August 09 - 2 comments

Pedro,: I love you like a brother, but STFU already.

posted by Prince Valium to baseball at 12:35 AM on December 18 - 16 comments

Ladies and gentlemen: meet your 2005 Washington Senators Nationals.

posted by Prince Valium to baseball at 01:28 PM on November 22 - 22 comments

Is anyone else sick of Curt Schilling?: Tom Boswell is, in a passive-aggressive sort of way: "A nasty injury, gruesome enough to make for good melodrama, but medically insignificant enough to allow him to throw a baseball 92 mph... Pedro Martinez...has felt a bit slighted by Schilling's large, sometimes self-serving persona... Yankees Manager Joe Torre made it clear that he thought Schilling, consummate tough professional that he is, was not doing significantly more by pitching through the inconvenience of an ankle injury than many other players have done in postseason baseball, where countless players take the field held together by tape and a high pain threshold." An interesting perspective from outside the Nation.

posted by Prince Valium to baseball at 07:22 AM on October 25 - 93 comments

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Shit, fan. Fan, shit.

There's no real policy on "records." It's a nasty slippery slope; if you take away Bonds's records for steroids, you have to take away Gaylord Perry's for throwing spitballs, and Ty Cobb's for being a racist asshole.

posted by Prince Valium at 12:33 PM on March 07

Dwight Gooden is wanted by the police!

Yeah, this isn't exactly a model citizen's fall from grace.

posted by Prince Valium at 01:09 PM on August 23

Start spreadin' the news.

Direct link to video.

posted by Prince Valium at 07:02 PM on January 10

Start spreadin' the news.

Video here, though it seems to be an IE-only plugin. See what happens when you join the Empire? He should have hooked on with the Mets, where all the stable personalities hang out.

posted by Prince Valium at 06:51 PM on January 10

Pedro looks headed to the Mets.

And now Shaughnessy piles it on. Is a player who's not greedy making $12 million a year suddenly greedy for making $15 million a year?

posted by Prince Valium at 09:28 AM on December 14

Report: Bonds Admitted to Using Substances

With the steroid scandal raging, it's a great time to go a-prostitute solicitin'. Under the radar, Denny Neagle, is where you shall stay!

posted by Prince Valium at 09:07 AM on December 04

Giambi admits steroid use.

I'm shocked.

posted by Prince Valium at 05:42 AM on December 02

Ladies and gentlemen

Actually terrapin, I thought it would have exactly the opposite effect - putting DC disenfranchisement into the public spotlight when sportscasters and newsmedia comment on how "ironic" it is that the DC team is called the Senators when DC doesn't have any senators.

posted by Prince Valium at 10:15 AM on November 23

Ladies and gentlemen

"Could you suck up to the administration any more?" It's a script W - I think that makes it a bit too homosexual for the current administration.

posted by Prince Valium at 12:01 AM on November 23

Ladies and gentlemen

billsaysthis - huh?

posted by Prince Valium at 02:31 PM on November 22

Ladies and gentlemen

If I'm not mistaken, it looks like the Nats will wear the old Senators caps with the scripted "W". That's a solace, but I would have liked to see them keep the name. I hope that they will at least retire Walter Johnson's and Harmon Killebrew's jerseys alongside those of Gary Carter and Tim Raines and any other Expos that have been honored over the years.

posted by Prince Valium at 01:47 PM on November 22

Curt response

The bad ankle exempts him from the draft, see?

posted by Prince Valium at 06:11 PM on October 28

World Series Game 4


posted by Prince Valium at 10:57 PM on October 27

2004 World Series Predictions

Is it too late to say Sox in 4?

posted by Prince Valium at 08:16 AM on October 27

Is anyone else sick of Curt Schilling?

Room service? They couldn't find anyone in Massachusetts willing to deliver a pizza to a hotel full of multi-millionaires?

posted by Prince Valium at 12:18 AM on October 27