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Detroit is the best sports town in America

What in god's name do you assholes have against detroit?! You're acting like it's been the way it is now for it's entire existence. Well I've got news for you: it hasn't. It was the 3rd biggest city and one of the most lively cities in the country until the race riots in the late 60's. Since then because of a mayor that refused to cooperate with the suburbs, people decided they didn't need to stay in the big city. This happened around the entire country, but unfortunately, Detroit never got a mayor that would fix the problem. As for sports, the Piston's are the best basketball team in the country and ended the tyrannical reign of the lakers. The Red Wings have the most Stanley cup wins of any U.S. city. The Tigers alright are in a slump but who hasn't been? Remember 1984 when they started 35-5 and then became champions and one of the best teams in baseball history. And besides the Tigers are getting better and better. Things are looking better for the Lions, I mean they can't get any worse. What about the Wolverines and Spartans? Two of the best colleges in America and some of the most passionate fans in the country. The Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers and Lions also have extremely passionate fans. You'll find every Pistons, Red Wings, and Lions game sold out and see the Tigers fans filling up almost all of Comerica Park. Downtown is getting better, but you people are acting like it should be as nice as Chicago overnight. Well, it just doesn't work that way. There are many new developments getting planned downtown and extreme potential. As soon as Kwame (yes he is a corupt and terrible mayor which is why things have stalled recently) get's voted out of office, the city will take a turn for the better. Now most of you (especially the one called Wfrazerjr) are just throwning around mindless criticism. Maybe you should actually learn about the city before you bitch about things you know nothing about. All of your city's have problems too, don't act like they don't and the sports probably isn't nearly as good as motown. Detroit's an easy target I know. So stop taking cheap shots. Damn that's a long entry sorry about that.

posted by Jonzo at 12:19 PM on July 18