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Ben Roethlisberger Action Figure

Does it throw multiple pics as well???

posted by Big Dookie at 09:14 AM on September 26

Dikembe Mutombo

Mr Mutombo you sir are a calss act, I'm beyond impressed and keep up the good work. As for the owners and their 700k (Don Sterling put up nothing) fuck off you greedy bastard and get sick soon!!!

posted by Big Dookie at 12:26 PM on August 19

Kornheiser Opens Eyes, Including His Own

bring in Wilbon and then I'll give two squats. Joe T sucks arse.

posted by Big Dookie at 01:42 PM on August 15

Federer vs. Nadal again!

Its a shame that these two guys do nothing for me. There is no way in hell I am going to watch. A martian could land on the grass court and I would't even change the channel to look.

posted by Big Dookie at 11:48 AM on July 08

France stop the samba.

Thierry Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys is so underrated all hes scored is like 3 goals in the cup so far. That is more than ourr shitty US team for three games.

posted by Big Dookie at 12:38 AM on July 03

Fat reporters and pencilnecks !

I hate the dipshit media like the next guy, but talk about beating a dead horse.

posted by Big Dookie at 01:35 AM on May 22

Records may fall, but the Babe endures

Ruth played at at iime of no relief pitchers and inferior competition. If he had to compete against black, latino, and asian players like they do now! He'd be about as good as Jim Thome.:)

posted by Big Dookie at 11:51 AM on May 05

Dolphins' Taylor stabbed in road rage incident

LMFAO!!!! "Taylor drove after the truck, calling 911 in the process, after it fled but lost site of the vehicle inside a trailer park" You see folks this is what happens when brother and sister have sex!!! Just look at the kids mugshot, you can't tell me that kid ain't inbred. LOL!!!!!!!!!

posted by Big Dookie at 11:46 AM on May 05

The US Masters

Puxatawney Phil will choke again. Is it me or does his fat ass just get winded while walking 36holes??

posted by Big Dookie at 01:39 PM on April 05

Bonds gets needled by fan at PetCo Park

fans are losers and our society is a joke. We now rival the europeans in classless behavior at sporting events.

posted by Big Dookie at 12:17 PM on April 04

No Crying for Big Baby: LSU Takes Out Duke

Redick offically is the most overhyped person on the planet!! Hell, even more so than "im going to cry in the car" Morrison. Neither of them could clutch it through in the end.

posted by Big Dookie at 08:09 AM on March 24

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

OJ is what whites now use to show equality. Since he is of the ever so exclusive " money bought me out of prison" club. It's only good if your wealthy though.

posted by Big Dookie at 03:14 PM on March 02

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

I'm glad to know racism doesn't exist Atheist, I'll call the Univ of Michigan students complaining about Affirmative Action. LOL!!!! reverse racism counts right??!

posted by Big Dookie at 03:05 PM on March 02

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

Saying the "race card" means I don't understand this since i'm white.??

posted by Big Dookie at 02:49 PM on March 02

Bode "rocked" at the Olympics, check it out. This guy is what's wrong with the kids of my generation. "Mommy said it is okay to come in last as long as I had fun." BULLSHIT!!!! This country was founded with a win at all cost principle, and it is what will continue to make it successful!!

posted by Big Dookie at 05:22 PM on February 25