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The Strongest Hands in the World

Hey Bernreuther I know all the mighty mitts competitors and being that you are not a specialist in grip. Hand size has very little to do with it. Actually Rich Williams hands were the exact same size as Andrews and smaller that two other competitors. Rich Williams hands are actually not that big. Rich pulled the monster bell 12 times more than all the competitors combined. He walked the anvil 60ft more than all the competitors combined. Carried the inch dumbbell 202 ft while pausing to say hello to the crowd. And displayed quick feet in the sled drag moving faster than a guy (Andrew) close to half his size. To me Rich did not have any competition. Rich actually stated he just trains grip 8 weeks out the year. RICH IS MORE IMPRESSIVE HANDS DOWN. Grip is not even his most gifted strength. GRIP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SIZE none of the strongmen could lift the monster bell.

posted by rilwil77 at 10:05 AM on April 22