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The 13th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em

rcade: Has the results for the NBA playoff pick'em been posted yet?

posted by ic23b at 05:09 PM on June 22

The 13th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em

Montreal by 14

Calgary by 17

Edmonton by 6

Hamilton by 10

posted by ic23b at 08:55 PM on June 16

SportsFilter NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Champion: rcade

Congratulations rcade.

posted by ic23b at 01:07 PM on June 12

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em: The Finals

???? You say Ufez Jones is leading with 28 points but you list me as leading with 28 points.

Winner: Warriors

Games: 5

MVP: Kevin Durant

Top Scorer: LeBron James

Top Rebounder: Draymond Green

Largest Margin Victory: 23

Highest combined score: 226

Tiebreaker: 130

posted by ic23b at 04:50 PM on May 31

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Stanley Cup Final

Winner: Nashville

7 Games

Longest Game: Regulation, 0 OT's +1

First Goal: Filip Forsberg

Conn Smythe: Pekka Rinne

Player Most Goals: Filip Forsberg

Player most assists: Evgeni Malkin

Player best +/-: Filip Forsberg

Player Most Penalty Minutes: Evgeni Malkin

Goalie Best Save %: Pekka Rinne

Tiebreaker: 37

posted by ic23b at 05:20 PM on May 28

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round

Golden State in 4 +2

Points Scorer. Stephen Curry +1

Rebounds. Draymond Green +1

Cleveland in 4 +1

Points Scorer. LeBron James +1

Rebounds. Tristan Thompson

I think the conference finals shouldn't start until both match-ups are decided.

posted by ic23b at 02:29 PM on May 13

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round

Nashville in 6 +2

Most points. Ryan Getzlaf

Best save %. Pekka Rinne

Pittsburgh in 6. (I want Ottawa to win) +1

Most Points. Evgeni Malkin +1

Best save %. Marc-Andre Fleury

posted by ic23b at 04:11 PM on May 12

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em: Second Round

Boston in 7. John Wall +2

San Antonio in 6. Kawhi Leonard +2

Cleveland in 5. LeBron James +1 +1

Golden State in 5. Stephen Curry +1

posted by ic23b at 02:19 AM on April 30

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Second Round

Nashville in 6. Forsberg +2

Anaheim in 6. Getzlaf +1

New York in 6. Zuccarello

Washington in 7. Ovechkin

posted by ic23b at 06:11 PM on April 25

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Today

Cleveland in 5. Top Scorer in series: LeBron James +1 +1

Toronto in 5. Top Scorer: DeMar DeRozan +1

San Antonio in 6. Top Scorer: Kawhi Leonard +2 +1

L.A.Clippers in 6. Top Scorer: Gordon Hayward

Washington in 6. Top Scorer: John Wall +2 +1

Golden State in 4: Top Scorer: Stephen Curry +2 +1

Boston in 7. Top Scorer: Isaiah Thomas +1 +1

Oklahoma City in 7. Top Scorer: Russell Westbrook +1

posted by ic23b at 11:47 AM on April 15

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Tonight

By the way, what was the final standings of the NFL pick-um, I've never been able to find it.

posted by ic23b at 02:44 AM on April 14

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Tonight

Ottawa in 6 +2

Pittsburgh in 6 +1

San Jose in 7

Montreal in 7

Minnesota in 6

Washington in 5 +1

Anaheim in 7 +1

Chicago in 5

Top Scorer: Crosby

posted by ic23b at 06:36 PM on April 12

NFL team owners approve Raiders' move to Vegas

ic23b: I think you misread jjzucal's quote. He said "empty seats in Oakland", not Las Vegas."

Duh, Yep I sure did.

posted by ic23b at 11:24 PM on March 27

NFL team owners approve Raiders' move to Vegas

" expect a good amount of empty seats in Oakland before then."

I think it will be the opposite. What could be a better venue to go watch your team play a away game. Everywhere in the country has cheap flights to Vegas, hotel rooms are plentiful, inexpensive and you get a great weekend in Vegas. It will be like other events in Vegas where 80% of the attendees are from out of town.

posted by ic23b at 06:15 PM on March 27

NBA Pick 'Em Week 18: Trade Deadline Edition

Since I seem to be unable to locate where to ask the question I will ask it here, has the winner of the NFL playoff pick'um been determined and I just cannot find the post?????

posted by ic23b at 11:39 PM on February 27