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SportsFilter 2017-2018 Playoff Pick 'Em Champion: tahoemoj

Congratulations tahoemoj.

posted by ic23b at 12:31 PM on February 05

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Super Bowl 0x34

New England by 4

First FG: Jake Elliott +5

First TD: LeGarrette Blount +5

Passing: Brady +5

Rushing: Jay Ajayi

Receiving: Brandin Cooks

Sack: Derek Barnett

Interception: Duron Harmon +5

OOPS: Nick Foles +5

MVP: Brady

Contest Winner: tahoemoj +5

posted by ic23b at 11:33 AM on February 02

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Conference Championship Round

New England by 17 (LOCK) Note: Would like to see Jacksonville win.

Minnesota by 6

Most pass yards. Brady

Most Rushing yards. Fournette

Most Receiving Yards. Adam Thielen

Player who will get a Turnover. Anthony Barr (Minn)

Team Most Points. New England

posted by ic23b at 02:05 PM on January 20

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Divisional Round

Philadelphia by 10

New England by 17 (LOCK)

Pittsburgh by 14 (LOCK)

Minnesota by 6 (LOCK)

QB most passing yards. Tom Brady

Most Rushing Yards. Latavius Murray

Most Receiving Yards. Antonio Brown

Player with sack. Everson Griffen +5

Team Most Points. New England

posted by ic23b at 02:31 PM on January 12

Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

Okay folks, allow me to enlighten you.

Kansas city by 9

Rams By 6

Jacksonville by 9

New Orleans by 7

QB Most passing yards. Jared Goff

Most Rushing Yards. Alvin Kamara

Most Receiving Yards. Cooper Kupp

INT. A.J. Bouye

Team Most Points. Jacksonville

posted by ic23b at 03:35 AM on January 06

NFL Pick 'Em Champion: Tron7

"I'll do that too. I thought Ic23b was the likeliest winner." I thought I might of won it last year but never did see the final results.

Congratulation Tron7, and thanks rcade for putting this pick'em on.

posted by ic23b at 01:24 AM on January 05

NFL Pick 'Em Week 17: All the Marbles Edition

Detroit by 11

Indianapolis by 6

Minnesota by 10

New England by 7

Washington by 4

Philadelphia by 10

Pittsburgh by 13

Carolina by 17

Denver by 3

Tennessee by 4

L.A. Rams by 6

Buffalo by 7

L.A. Chargers by 13

Seattle by 14

New Orleans by 23

Baltimore by 17

posted by ic23b at 10:08 PM on December 29

NFL Pick 'Em Week 16: Gene Steratore's Index Card Edition

Baltimore by 10 (LOCK)

Minnesota by 7 (LOCK)

Chicago by 3

Detroit by 13

L.A. Rams by 23 (LOCK)

Kansas City by 21 (LOCK)

New England by 13 (LOCK)

New Orleans by 6

N.Y. Jets by 3

Washington by 3

Carolina by 17 (LOCK)

Jacksonville by 24(LOCK)

Dallas by 4

N.Y. Giants by 3

Philadelphia by 14 (LOCK)

Pittsburgh by 20 (LOCK)

Pittsburgh at Houston on NBC (Monday)

posted by ic23b at 07:20 PM on December 22

NFL Pick 'Em Week 15: Concussion Protocol Edition

Denver by 7 (LOCK)

Detroit by 3 (LOCK)

L.A. Chargers by 4

Jacksonville by 7

Buffalo by 10 (LOCK)

Baltimore by 17 (LOCK)

Minnesota by 10 (LOCK)

New Orleans by 23 (LOCK)

Philadelphia by 17 (LOCK)

Arizona by 3

Green Bay by 3

Seattle by 4

New England by 3

Tennessee by 7

Dallas by 3

Atlanta by 24 (LOCK)

posted by ic23b at 01:06 PM on December 14

NFL Pick 'Em Week 14: Get Better Ryan Shazier Edition

New Orleans by 6

Buffalo by 7

Cincinnati by 10

Green Bay by 17 (LOCK)

Oakland by 3

Dallas by 7

Detroit by 3

Minnesota by 4

Houston by 6

N.Y. JETS by 3

Tennessee by 7

L.A. Chargers by 4

Philadelphia by 10

Seattle by 3

Pittsburgh by 10 (LOCK)

New England by 23 (LOCK)

posted by ic23b at 04:26 PM on December 07

NFL Pick 'Em Week 13: With the First Pick the Giants Take Edition

Minnesota by 3

New England by 17

Chicago by 10

Green Bay by 10

Tennessee by 3

Denver by 3

Kansas City by 10

Jacksonville by 12

Detroit by 3

L.A. Chargers by 24 (LOCK)

Oakland by 17 (LOCK)

New Orleans by 10

L.A. Rams by 12

Philadelphia by 13

Pittsburgh by 3

posted by ic23b at 05:03 PM on December 01

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Final Standings

Congratulations Reever. Thanks to DrJohn.

posted by ic23b at 04:50 PM on December 01

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition

Calgary by 20

Bo Levi Mitchell



posted by ic23b at 09:38 PM on November 23

NFL Pick 'Em Week 12: Turkey Leg Award Edition


L.A. Chargers by 10

Washington by 7 (LOCK)

Atlanta by 21 (LOCK)

Cincinnati by 12

Tennessee by 3

Kansas City by 17 (LOCK)

New England by 27 (LOCK)

Carolina by 10 (LOCK)

Philadelphia by 21 (LOCK)

Seattle by 6

Oakland by 3

New Orleans by 7

Jacksonville by 6

Pittsburgh by 24 (LOCK)

Baltimore by 6

posted by ic23b at 11:13 PM on November 22

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition

Saskatchewan by 10

Calgary by 23

QB most passing yards- Bo Levi Mitchell

Team with most sacks- Calgary

posted by ic23b at 11:48 PM on November 16