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The most unsporting moments in sport's history: A nice little collection of ten or so fine examples of sportsmanship at its worst and the consequences that followed. There are one or two that I would have changed but basically it is a pretty cool compilation.

posted by Athlexic to general at 03:40 AM on May 13 - 9 comments

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The most unsporting moments in sport's history

Not in this article, but did anyone see the video of Ivan Lendl taking out JM? Not quite up there with the greatest material, but damned funny. Reminds me of playing racquetball with my brother.

posted by Athlexic at 07:18 AM on May 13

The most unsporting moments in sport's history

The official word is that Tonya Harding didn't actually organize the attack, she just helped cover it up.

posted by Athlexic at 07:12 AM on May 13

Mavericks Fans Declare Open Season on Nuggets' Families

Well said rcade

posted by Athlexic at 03:34 AM on May 13

The Last DiMaggio Brother is Dead

Sad to hear it

posted by Athlexic at 03:33 AM on May 13