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MLB Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn has died at age 54.


posted by Irish627 at 02:07 AM on June 17

NFL Pick 'Em, Super Bowl Edition

SF Over Kaepernick Gore Boldin Boldin Willis A Smith A Smith Bud 35.7 57

posted by Irish627 at 08:09 AM on February 03

NFL Pick 'Em, Championship Round

SF Pats Ryan Kaepernick Ninkovich Atlanta

posted by Irish627 at 01:43 AM on January 20

Why Baseball is the Best—And Least Exploitative—American Sport...

Thank you, holden What a beautiful piece by Colum McCann. (As a fellow-Irish-immigrant, of course I'm biased!)

posted by Irish627 at 12:55 AM on April 04

Michael Vick Wants to Get a Dog

Does anybody have any statistics on the number of people in this country who are convicted and incarcerated annually for dogfighting offences?

My instinct is that they are few and far between.

I believe Mike Vick was a celebrity prisoner, incarcerated as much for his high profile as for whatever offences he committed. Deserved or otherwise, he has now paid his debt to society.

This thread (like many others ) is full of barely concealed hypocrisy. Anybody with the faintest understanding of dogfighting, which is illegal but far from non-existent, knows that pet ownership is a totally unrelated issue.

I have met people who are perfectly responsible pet owners who also own fighting cocks, and fight them legally in Puerto Rico. I understand that PR is not a part of the USA, but it's strategic geographic location warrants much friendly support from our government.

Where is the outcry?

Dogs fight, cocks fight, men gamble.

Mike Vick has had enough punishment. Let his children have a dog.

posted by Irish627 at 11:07 PM on December 15

Are You Sure Your Country Wants the World Cup?

rcade, I usually enjoy your insightful comments, but as an Irishman who frequently reads this observant journalist, I wish you wouldn't infer sour grapes where there weren't any.

posted by Irish627 at 01:42 PM on July 13

League announces 2000s NFL All-Decade Team

I find it hard to believe that the offensive lines which protected each of the two primadonna QBs should be totaly ignored

posted by Irish627 at 07:56 PM on February 02

Like It or Not, Caldwell Sticks to His Plan for Colts

Only thing I was upset with was not winning the game and putting the Jets out of the playoffs with the loss. Now there is a chance that the Colts will have to play them again.

Perhaps that is exactly what the Colts wanted. They may prefer the prospect of a game against the Jets, rather than Denver or Pittsburgh, or whichever team is eliminated through their apparent generosity

posted by Irish627 at 11:40 AM on December 29

The Voice of Forty Summers

Of all the sports commentators that I've heard, the two that have always stood head and shoulders above all others, were Richie Benaud in cricket, and Peter Alliss in golf. They had each played their game at the highest level, each was extremely eloquent, and each knew that television was primarily a visual medium - they never insulted the viewer by describing what was plainly visible.

posted by Irish627 at 05:49 AM on November 22

Real Salt Lake Poised to Become Biggest Loser

It's the American way - Bleed as many payday games out of the season as you can. In the NBA, a team with a worse record than Real Salt Lake made the playoffs this year. Perhaps we should arrogantly decide that NBA shouldn't be watched either?

posted by Irish627 at 08:58 AM on November 18

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I wish some TV channel would carry the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe - maybe the best horse race of the season.

posted by Irish627 at 09:09 AM on October 04

Nadal-Federer epic the most thrilling of all the Wimbledon finals

Really? So this is the first time that Nadal has actually beaten Federer since Federer's been dominating Wimbledon since '03? Now that's comp. Nadal turned 22 last month, so to imply that he has been some kind of longterm journeyman player is simply inaccurate.

posted by Irish627 at 02:37 PM on July 08

ARod wins AL MVP award, but not unanimously.

Most Valuable Player - Somewhere in the title of the award, there's a hint that 'value' is important. The Yankees have got limited value from A-Rod, when you consider the obscene salary he receives. As for moral 'values', the less said, the better.

posted by Irish627 at 02:58 PM on November 20