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NBA Offers New Rules For Referees

It's a good thing that he's doing, gotta fix this. Major problems that he doesnt even know about.

posted by Jzsteinm at 05:05 PM on November 04

Kobe Booed on Home Court, Lakers Win Opener For Houston

More like the A-Hole of the NBA. How is he an ass-hole!? He's a great player looking for a way out of an organization that refuses to build its team around him. He's been waiting for them to bring in some players to complement him. I say he's right. He;s BETTER than a-rod in that all a-rod wants is money...kobe is looking for a championship! he's a winner.

posted by Jzsteinm at 05:04 PM on November 04

A-Rod a Mud Hen?

Pretty Funny... seen it before. Though that i wouldnt like the Steinbrenner boys but now imn starting to like Hank. Screw A-Rod. The Yankees won with Charlie Hayes. Scott Brosius got an MVP!

posted by Jzsteinm at 04:58 PM on November 04

Some consider them only another piece of equipment.

I got 9 here...

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:50 AM on November 02

NBA Prediction Thread

Boston, Phoenix, Mavs. Need i say more? Ok ill throw in Detroit because theyre always in there, and the Bulls because i love that team of young talent.

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:45 AM on November 02

NBA Offers New Rules For Referees

It's a good thing that he's doing, gotta fix this. Major problems that he doesnt even know about.

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:43 AM on November 02

Kobe Booed on Home Court, Lakers Win Opener For Houston

This will happen all year. 45-50 for Kobe and losing....get him out.

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:42 AM on November 02

Bonds will boycott HOF

By the way: How funny was it, the way Ecko owner made a vote outta it. Love it

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:39 AM on November 02

Red Sox win World Series

They are the '96-00 Yankees of today. Or at least as close as it comes these days...

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:36 AM on November 02

Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired

Torre will have to adjust quickly to this team. They are a young, talented ballclub but different from the yankees. He will have to use the hit and run more and general 'small ball' tactics more often Plus he'll have to try NOT to overuse proctor's arm this time.

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:35 AM on November 02

Bonds will boycott HOF

Thank you Joey Michaels for pointing out the key stupidity in Bonds' statement. "Five years." He absoilutely does NOT have it in him, and no team wants him for that long or will take that long down the line. Sorry buddy, you're a washed up cheater.

posted by Jzsteinm at 06:33 AM on November 02

Rudy Giuliani, Red Sox Fan

What's the difference? He's still a Yankee fan. Just not as passionate as the rest of us. he wasn't born a hater, so he CAN root for the BoSux, i mean BoSox, in the WS. Who gives a crap anyways?

posted by Jzsteinm at 09:05 AM on October 26


That is the most absolutely ridiculous article i have ever read. Dimag earned his record, earned his hall of fame appearance, and earned the right to be remembered as a great ballplayer. Joe Dimaggio was a hell of a ballplayer and if anything that asterisk should note the fact that it is the greatest record around and probably unbreakable. Shame on Robbeson for every bringing that up! p.s.- mr. crash davis- you have officially pissed me off!

posted by Jzsteinm at 09:29 AM on October 25

Yankees Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman Cries on the Air

Please! If i was in that room with every man having tears swelling in his eyes, i would've been on the verge too. She did noithing "unprofessional." She communicated the situation to her audience - very vividly- and all the tears did were add to her broadcast. I'm chill with that and there's no reason not to be.

posted by Jzsteinm at 09:24 AM on October 25

Torre Leaving New York After Turning Down Incentive-Linked Contract

That 1 year offer was nothing short of INSULTING. To manage a great team like the Yankees for twelve straight seasons, including a season (this one) where they came back from 13 under, is an incredible feat. For the organization to offer him only 1 year with a pay cut was disturbing, and Torre did the right thing, leaving with pride and dignity!

posted by Jzsteinm at 09:21 AM on October 25