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MLB Pace-of-Game Committee Suggests Six New Rules

Not a fan of #2. IBB can some times fail. And when they do fail, it is spectularly funny.

posted by jmauro at 09:23 PM on October 01

College Football Adds Bowls 34, 35

Do they have a plan on what will happen if enough teams fail to qualify for bowl play? Will the lower bowls get cut out?

posted by jmauro at 09:51 AM on April 25

Football ref crew mistake may cost $4.5 million

I think Ohio State losing cost the Big 10 the money, not the actually referring in the game. It's not like they are being fined for having the crew that they did. The whole headline is premised on the Big 10 getting two BCS entries which wasn't a 100% lock, especially after Michigan was beaten by Wisconsin.

posted by jmauro at 04:00 PM on November 14

Madison Square Garden Sues NHL over Promotions....

I remember when the MLB did the same thing. I always liked the original Cubs web page. It sucks now that all 32 teams have the same pages with the same stories. I hope the Rangers beat NHL in this.

posted by jmauro at 02:47 PM on September 29