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O.J. Mayo: Don't call him, he'll call you

"taking a stand" - not of civil rights proportions,... but for one's self? Yea, you can do that. To dispute a metaphor is just weird. Using blurry, re-mixed videos to support an argument is lame. It's high school. He's a kid. He threw a ball. Everyone there who knew him, loved it. The ref bump? Imagine if people really went flying like that when brushed up against... picture a subway station... lol. He's been talked about for years, and was on the cover of basketball magazines before he hit grade 12. He was so hyped... i mistakenly told a friend recently "he's in college somewhere" - because I thought with all that hype (I read about years ago) he had to be by now.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 04:51 PM on March 23

O.J. Mayo: Don't call him, he'll call you

yerfatma... Good call on Noah, I thought the same thing reading through those names. A probable solid pro, but he belongs nowhere near those other names. The whole "I will call you" thing. Forget for a moment that this isn't the way it's always been done, and then... what's wrong with it? The harrassment these kids must endure... why not take a stand? Is his assumption that all schools would be interested false? Power to the people... a bad thing?

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 02:59 PM on March 22

Why we look the other way.

These guys don't just fall off the athlete tree. AWESOME.... i think I finally have a line to shut my Bonds lovin, steroid defending friend up for life. Mucho Gracias... merci beacoup... kam sa ham nee da.... THANKS.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 03:02 PM on March 20

Why we look the other way.

I liked that article too. Thanks for posting it, but I must say I disagree with... Why do we even momentarily question how much impact they must have on a game built entirely on explosion and power? I get the point, but entirely... The writer got carried away. Proofread the next day please... no skill? no decision making? no poise? no... umm... coaching? waaaay off. I mean... The author mentions (read: bases the entire article on comparisons to...) a smaller tackle, and a slower reciever... then says this.... selective evidence is awesome. Best writer going?

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 02:58 PM on March 20

Better late than never

orange.... you went cherry pickin info. to prove what you thought the definition of pandemic was... That killed me, having to find proof of the truth when you were researching to proove your point rather than the truth. And then when you finally knew you were wrong (which is ok, but to maintain it, push it, selectively research...) you couldn't even say... "whoops". An old thread i know, but you asked. Nothing in this thread upset me at all, just saw some insults being hurled by those who hurl at insult hurlers, and pointed that out, without hurling i think. And now... failure to read all the posts before posting by one who posts about not posting without reading the posts. Phew... Tennis anyone? Let's compromise, best of four.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 02:36 PM on March 20

Better late than never

So many people attacking each other I can't even tell if i'm attacking, being attacked, defending an attacker or.... I was referring to equal pay for equal revenue generated by the tourney. Just an idea that longer matches generated more revenue, i don't know, maybe they do, maybe they don't. I like equality, yea for the french open, yea for tennis.... Just had an idea. Now we have people who've made big mistakes on other posts, who've called out people for insulting others...calling people idiots. It's a pandemic!!! (I just set my Lbb alert to orange) "Troliing", being satirical, being hypocritical, rude, forgetful, rambling on with zero punctuation... We all make mistakes. Ive made tons, admitting them is good. I wrote that they play 5 and 7... That was a major malfunction, call me Private Snowball.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 10:56 AM on March 20

Better late than never

Na LBB.... Weedy has a point, not saying I agree with it, but he has a point. Forget popularity, consider it even, since equality is what this is about. You try generating the same TV ad revenue for a 5 set match vs. a 7 set match. Just consider the strawberry and cream sales... not even close. And yes I know that's Wimbledon... last I heard it's the same sport. Just wondering... Can you get hammered at Wimbledon?

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 05:23 PM on March 19

How 3-4 Teams See the Draft

3-4 nose tackles vs. 4-3 tackles. Not a football guru, but size does matter. You need to be able to clog a larger space. Guys who have played NT usually are massive. Some 4-3 DT's can do it, but the ones who can't, it's not so much because of skill level (yes, it's a diiferent game plan and rush/gap scheme) but because of lack of size. Washington, Wilfork to cite both an older and a younger example. These guys are tanks, these guys are talented, these guys are primo 3-4 nose tackles. Could Warren Sapp play nose tackle in his prime? Maybe. Would have been different though. You are usually double teamed right off the snap - in the middle - there is no outside, and to generate a good push vs. a center AND a gaurd? You gotta be a beast. It's kinda odd sayin "these guys are tanks" in comparison to an NFL DT... but you get my point. EVEN BIGGER. Yes, there is a shortage of good nose tackles. You know Bill Parcells small world theory? Fewer guys that big, even fewer who can play. To be bigger than most DT's and have talent? Loooooooong odds.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 05:12 PM on March 19

Rose admits to betting on Reds every night

Joaquim... agree with the 1st paragraph for sure. As for the 2nd one... um... shouldn't you be getting ready for your 1st round match-up? I bet you lose, 50 bucks, c'mon. How do we know? He admitted it. And if there was a shred of truth out there that says he didn't bet, i think he'd be hustlin to find it. He's got nothing to stand on, not even first base.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 12:16 PM on March 15

Rose admits to betting on Reds every night

So tell me, what's so wrong about betting on your own team? I can see the problem if he was betting against them and then conspiring to make them lose but not the other way round. Also... I think that right there, may have been why he said it. He has no credibility left, so why not throw it out there hoping people will take the charlie hustle slant on it... "Oh, gambling made him play harder, like everyone else he was trying to win, trying harder maybe..." Notice in his statement, how many times he uses the word team. He was working it hard, too hard. It's quite transparent. But the reality is that gambling is the one sure-fire way to kill the integrity of the sport. There is a reason why it's such a black and white issue. Word. Scratch "one" maybe, but fashizzle... atheletes - gambling - sports - bad

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 09:41 AM on March 15

Men Want to Know How a Batter Swings

It's a study of gender differences in viewing men bat, specifically. It's about the psychology and sociology of sport fans, generally. It's about men staring at the genital region of other men, oddly. It's about a lot of things I don't really want to know about, seriously.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 02:17 PM on March 14


Miami fans... They love their college football team don't they? I don't follow ncaa football as closely as I'd like too, no idea.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 12:09 PM on March 14


I typed it. Relax. Noone has a gun, that I know of. You're aware of figurative language I'm sure. If not, go jump in a lake. I saw that you disagree that it's even debatable. I already knew that, don't take it out on literary devices, they mean you no harm. You didn't shoot anyone, I know. You were only robbin the register and you hope we understand. And when you find the ridiculous use of words appropriate, let me know.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 04:42 PM on March 13


The Penguins in Pittsburgh have enjoyed great populariity, a championship history, one? of the greatest players the game has ever known.... Is success like this, if well wasted despite being preventable, an extreme tragedy - relative to the world of the NHL and all the troubles it's had in recent years? We can all debate that. Can you shoot a guy for saying it? Nope, it's debatable at the very least.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 03:58 PM on March 13


My 20-20 hindsight shows me... Mario's an owner right... With a legacy like his he probably was gonna make sure his city still had a team. He played it well though didn't he? Great for Pittsburgh, great for hockey. Now... Can we move Bettman to Kansas City?

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 03:49 PM on March 13