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After getting spanked by Federer, Roddick lights up the post-game news conference

Quite simply, I am in agreement with those who say that Federer is the best ever. With all do apologies to Sampras fans (and I count myself among them) what Federer is doing to men's tennis right now is unbelievable. He typically makes whoever he plays look so utterly pedestrian and average...It amazes me. His performance against Roddick was some of the best tennis I have ever seen (Federer's game). He is so much better than the rest of the men's field, I feel sorry for 2-10 in the world (forget about 11-100). His game lacks any obvious weaknesses...he does everything well. Having said that, I am in agreement with those of you who applaud Roddick's performance in the press conference afterwards...It is refreshing to hear someone say what he really thinks instead of what the press want to hear (cliches).

posted by timbo31771 at 08:54 PM on January 27

One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

I must be living a pretty sheltered life not to have previously discovered the Ron Mexico name generator...What an awesome development! Think of the good it will do for all of mankind! Sweet! Seriously, when I read of the exploits of Ron Mexico, I though to myself "I could use an alias too!" Now, with absolutely no effort on my part at all (save for a few simple keystrokes) I have one! I will henceforth and forever be known as Big Boy Tonga! Improving the qualitiy of people's lives! Thanks Ron Mexico--er, I mean Michael Vick!

posted by timbo31771 at 08:17 AM on January 19