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Rutgers' coach Mike Rice Berates Players at Practice: In several dozen hours of video of Rutgers men's basketball practices obtained by "Outside the Lines," coach Mike Rice is seen hurling basketballs from close range at his players' heads, legs and feet; shoving and grabbing his players; feigning punching them; kicking them; and screaming obscenities and homophobic slurs.

posted by phaedon to basketball at 04:57 PM on April 02 - 16 comments

Money & March Madness: In 2011, PBS Frontline asked, "If everyone else is profiting from the multibillion dollar college sports business, why shouldn't the athletes?"

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Tony Romo stays in Dallas: 6-year extension worth $108 million. $55 guaranteed - 3 more than Flacco.

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The New Orleans Hornets are changing their names to the Pelicans: Look at the Pelican fly, come on Pelican!

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Torture or training? : Inside the brutal Chinese gymnasium where the country's future Olympic stars are beaten into shape.

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New Home Plate Rule Confuses Yankees

This rule is a disaster and is going to bite MLB in the ass during the playoffs.

posted by phaedon at 12:47 AM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I've got two words regarding Phil Jackson's move to New York: Isaiah Thomas.

posted by phaedon at 03:02 PM on March 18

In Fake Classes Scandal, UNC Fails Its Athletes—and Whistle-Blower

Mark Cuban: "The NCAA rules are so hypocritical, there's absolutely no reason for a kid to go [to college], because he's not going to class [and] he's actually not even able to take advantage of all the fun because the first semester he starts playing basketball. So if the goal is just to graduate to the NBA or be an NBA player, go to the D-League."

posted by phaedon at 11:59 AM on March 02

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

I'm just saying if Joe Namath were black everybody would be up in arms today. And I'm the last person to say something like that. Up in fucking arms.

posted by phaedon at 06:38 PM on February 03

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Puff Puff Interception. You're welcome.

posted by phaedon at 09:28 PM on February 02

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Side bet: Denver scores 0 points.

posted by phaedon at 07:38 PM on February 02

Lawyer Reveals Martin's Texts to Incognito

Martin or his representatives could have corrected that. It might have calmed the situation down, and caused people to view the situation as two athletes taking the piss out of each other instead of bullying.

There may be a reason for not correcting the situation. Martin walked away from the Dolphins, his career and huge paychecks. Again, unless I'm missing something, Martin isn't making a case for anything. He hasn't filed a lawsuit. He never asked for anything from anyone.

So given how cloudy the details have been, it's entirely possible Martin may have been affected by Incognito in a way that isn't immediately apparent in the text messages (perhaps a physical altercation), and/or he may suffer from a pre-existing condition. He may also draw the line at racial epithets. Having walked away from the game, he does not have an obligation to guide the media or the public in the right direction.

It's also hard to imagine Incognito not getting into trouble if Martin clarified himself. Incognito is a senior member in the locker room, a leader. We see in situations like the Richard Sherman debacle that NFL players are free to say and think whatever they please, as long as they don't do it in front of the camera.

And despite teammate sympathies, Incognito has a reputation for being a dirty and disrespectful player both on and off the field, going back as far as 2002. Even if that weren't the case, once this type of material hits the public airwaves, the NFL has to do something about it.

Do I think this latest revelation has some bearing on Incognito's career? It's hard to say, I could see myself agreeing with you that it should, but I don't think it's enough. One thing's for sure, I don't think it makes his behavior any more permissible. I'm sure "football culture" has a lot to do with Incognito's attitude, and this is how change happens - you crucify one or two people for something a lot of people are doing, and maybe down the road you proactively monitor for this type of abuse. The only thing that matters is the brand.

posted by phaedon at 06:33 PM on January 31

Lawyer Reveals Martin's Texts to Incognito

Maybe this is me just not knowing the entire story, I just don't understand what is so "damning" about what Martin said or did. He left the team. He didn't engage the media. He didn't defend Incognito; he didn't suspend him. Maybe he has mental problems or is under direction to take care of himself. He owes you nothing. If anything, you should be condemning the public hysteria masquerading as insight; people jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story.

Having said that I'm sure a helping hand from Martin would have gone a long way. But I'm sure these texts were previously made available to Dolphins management, and they probably didn't give a shit.

posted by phaedon at 02:54 PM on January 31

Lawyer Reveals Martin's Texts to Incognito

I think the black box that is mental health and the Puritanical "Let's Find Someone to Hang" sensationalism of the media just don't go well together. Which is to say something like, before we reach that point of, "Who are we to judge this situation?" the media will be like "OMG! Check out this crazy story of unresolved conflict!"

It's a little rough that Incognito's lawyer released these texts to the public. I don't know how well it will play, because it is self-serving in the sense that it shows Martin in a bad light and because I think Martin's still entitled to his feelings.

Having said that, it is scary how a private matter blows up and total strangers become really worked up and turn themselves into the arbiters of justice, as if to imply that no other mechanism is in place. Is these where we self-righteously psychoanalyze Martin? You know, really get into his head? It makes me pause to think how hard I'm trolling just by consistently contributing to message boards and sharing my thoughts online in what turns to be a horrendously conflict-focused format.

posted by phaedon at 01:40 PM on January 31

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Brendan Gibbons (Youtube) has been expelled from Michigan for sexual misconduct.

posted by phaedon at 03:21 PM on January 29

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Josh Brent

The slap on the wrist heard around the world.

posted by phaedon at 04:15 PM on January 24

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

James Gruden:

"I would be foolish to try to turn RGIII into a pocket passer. It would be foolish. The way he is as a runner, we have to take advantage of that. He strikes fear into defensive coordinators when he runs outside. I'm going to let him be himself."

Get your popcorn, the end of times are upon us!

posted by phaedon at 09:42 PM on January 23

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Raiderettes make $1250 a season.

posted by phaedon at 01:07 PM on January 23

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Jacoby Jones Gives Amazing, Possibly Drunk Interview at Pelicans Game

posted by phaedon at 12:14 PM on January 22

Seahawks Edge Niners

Here's a crazy idea.

Make it illegal for quarterbacks to run the football. San Francisco's offense got completely shut down tonight except for some huge runs by Colin Pumpernickel. He is an above average thrower with unbelievable foot speed, able to immobilize defenses by posing a throwing threat behind the line of scrimmage, and thus creating wide open spaces which he can then slide into for first downs and then some.

It's like watching a glitch in the game. There is literally no other position on the field that can run for 58 yards just totally uncontested like that in one single play, on what typically amounts to a broken offensive play or a quarterback run play masquerading as a passing play. I'm really sick of seeing it and it's the only way San Francisco managed to survive Green Bay (remember that last touchdown?). But at the end of the day, the football gods delivered. There is really nothing more enjoyable than watching the felonius 49ers make it so far only to get their asses beat, year in and year out. It's.. perfect.

posted by phaedon at 03:35 AM on January 20