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Rose Bowl wilts while title hopes push up daisies.

Are we all watching the same teams?No way no how Michigan Romps Stomps or is even in the Game v USC. Michigan is average at best and the whole country will once again see an over-rated and hyped team get dismantled just like thoose AWESOME SOONERS did 2 years ago.So when both OHIO ST and MICHIGaN lose,we will once again see how weak these teams really are.Just ask who did these Powerhouses play this year compared to the Gators & Trojans?Be serious..over-rated..stomp who?If you didn't notice the past five years of recruiting SC is building a dynasty... so take your best shot because we will not see The Wolves again for a long time except in Traveller's Dust! Enjoy your moments at the Rose Bowl..It will be over before you know what happened...Ask Stoopes..He'll school ya. FIGHT ON!!!!

posted by TommyT at 09:50 PM on December 31