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The 'Fat Toad' Hideki Irabu found dead of apparent suicide: Terrible for the guy. Robert Whiting wrote a great book about Ichiro and touches on Irabu's troubles. Irabu had an American GI father whom he never knew, and stated that his motivation for pitching in the US was so that his dad could see him on TV.

posted by mikemacman to baseball at 12:02 AM on July 29 - 3 comments

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Belgian Soccer Fans Lose Their Heads

That banner is enormous. I'd love to know how it was made, how much it cost, who paid for it, etc.

posted by mikemacman at 10:40 PM on February 17

Barkley: 'I Cannot Believe How Bad the NBA is Right Now'

Lincidentally, though, I lincerely hope that the US Olinpic team does well this summer in Lindon (too much?).

posted by mikemacman at 10:41 PM on February 22

Plummer to Tebow: A Little Less Jesus, Please

As an atheist and a Buckeye I don't particularly care for Tebow, but I think Plummer is out of line with these comments. By all accounts Tebow is a stand-up guy who handles himself well. While he might lay the 'Jesus' thing on a little thick, and it might be a little annoying to some, Tebow should be praised for how he conducts himself in front of the media, however idiosyncratic he may be. It's none of Plummer's business.

posted by mikemacman at 08:00 PM on November 22

Baseball's Most Expensive Beers

Citizens Bank Park has Victory on tap in the box seats behind home plate. You can find Sam Adams, Anchor Steam and some other larger craft brews around the ballpark.

posted by mikemacman at 09:07 PM on October 12

Dennis Rodman Joins Basketball Hall of Fame

rcade: well said, my man. I loved watching Dennis Rodman play, always suspected he was working out some issues on the court because he played like he had something to prove. Great to see actual redemption take place right before your eyes.

posted by mikemacman at 09:50 PM on August 13

Ralph Nader Forms Sports Fan Advocacy Group

lil_brown_bat, you can't ask someone else for a citation to back their opinion immediately after using "there are those who say" when talking about Ralph Nader.

posted by mikemacman at 10:57 AM on August 11

Giants Win Game 2 in a Laugher

Suddenly I don't feel so bad about my Phillies losing in 6 to these guys...

posted by mikemacman at 11:23 AM on October 29

Florida Player Texts Girlfriend 'Time to Die Bitch'

No, lampshade, you don't have to have daughters to abhor crimes against women. But it does make you appreciate the gravity of the crimes a bit more, I think. Everything is more real when it could happen to you or yours.

I think it's the lazy writing (and poor editing) that lampshade is objecting to. By using the word 'therefore', the writer suggests that the coach doesn't tolerate crimes against women because he has daughters.

posted by mikemacman at 10:40 AM on September 17

Robert Guerrero has returned to the boxing ring after helping care for his ailing wife

It seems almost quaint to hear a professional athlete talk about his high-school sweetheart with such obvious devotion. A really touching story.

posted by mikemacman at 09:10 PM on July 22

38. BFD.

Don't forget about Bowling for Dollars. And not to nitpick, but it's an abbreviation, not an acronym. I'll let the late George Carlin explain:

"An acronym is not just any set of initials. It applies only to those that are pronounced as words. MADD, DARE, NATO, and UNICEF are acronyms. FBI, CIA, and KGB are not. They're just pricks."

posted by mikemacman at 08:24 AM on June 17

LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg Dies


posted by mikemacman at 11:11 PM on May 10

NCAA May Expand March Madness to 96 Teams

Great. Now I need to buy one of those large format printers to print this new gigantic bracket

posted by mikemacman at 09:03 PM on January 21

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Looks like Friday at 12pm EST...Does anyone know if the draw will be televised in the US?

posted by mikemacman at 10:14 AM on December 02

Anaheim Fans Brawl Over Hockey Stick

It looks to me like she's trying to defend the guy to her left (in the gray sweatshirt).

I might sound like a fuddy-duddy for saying this, but hockey's glorification of fighting has always horrified me, and so I find it deliciously ironic to see fans dropping the gloves to fight over a souvenir.

posted by mikemacman at 10:21 PM on November 22

AP Columnist: 'Soccer Players Can't Be Trusted'

What's the difference between Henry handing the ball, and Chase Utley fouling one off his body but still running hard to first? In both cases, the umpire/referee missed the call. In both cases, the player could have admitted to the offense. Why would we call Henry unsportsmanlike, while Chase Utley 'plays the game the right way'?

(I'm a Phillies fan, by the way, and buy Utley's argument that he's been on the wrong end of that one many times before).

If you expect Henry to admit to the referees when he's handed a ball, then to be fair, you have to expect the same of every other player on the field. Is anyone suggesting that every player gives himself up when he's committed a foul that the ref missed?

posted by mikemacman at 01:05 PM on November 20