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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I don't mind the move for the Jets. They have a ton of cap space and a young QB who is actually showing some promise, getting an elite WR type to take some of the pressure may work here over the next couple of years.

Looks like the Giants are on the slide too, never hurts to be better when the crosstown team is down.

posted by deflated at 08:31 PM on October 18

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Sure they won't be the Seattle Metropolitans, Grum? Luongo back in the PNW is pure win.

posted by deflated at 10:21 PM on October 14

MLB Pace-of-Game Committee Suggests Six New Rules

I like all these ideas and I like instant replay. Speed up the regular plays and take the time to get the 1% right.

The time between pitches rule could lead to some epic managerial meltdowns. Can't wait for the first called strike if the batter isn't in the box 1:45 after the ball gets to the pitcher.

posted by deflated at 06:24 PM on October 01

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

How on earth did Parrish screw up his relationship with Pulis that badly? That is a massive blunder.

posted by deflated at 10:58 PM on August 14

Baseball Hall of Fame Announces Changes to Voting Process for Recently Retired Players

Unlimited ballots won't help that much; in 2013 only 6.6 names were listed on the average ballot, they aren't using the space they have now.

Until some of the voters pull their heads out of their asses this isn't going to change.

posted by deflated at 08:27 PM on July 26

The Borders of Baseball

Grum, BC is still Blue Jays territory - far, far more Jays games on local TV and who is going to watch the Mariners if given the choice? It hurts...

posted by deflated at 04:18 PM on April 24

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I'd actually bet this is something stranger than we're imagining - as has been pointed out you don't need this sort of hardware for the obvious analysis.

The new Trackman-based playtracking system from MLBAM seems to be radar based; maybe someone is trying to process streaming data from multiple radar sources to determine how effective a pitcher is in real time - spin and plane of their curve, actual path of their fastball. Know if your starter has his stuff before you find out the hard way (or the opposite, maybe the other guy can't get his breaking ball working and its time to sit on the fastball).

posted by deflated at 11:04 PM on March 18

Cowboys Release DeMarcus Ware

Broncos with Ware are going to have an outstanding front 7. The cap pain will hit in a couple of years as Peyton and his $20M cap number ride off into retirement; they have some flexibility.

posted by deflated at 11:08 PM on March 12

Miller & Ott traded to St. Louis; Sabres get Halak and Stewart, prospect and two picks

It was best for the Sabres that they moved Miller but it was still sad to see. He was one of the guys like Iginla who really carried a team for years and you wish they could have enough success to finish as a one-team guy. Good luck to him, he was good for Buffalo.

posted by deflated at 01:34 AM on March 01

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Scientists and Celibate Rifles references? This really is the most discerning of sports discussion venues.

posted by deflated at 12:10 AM on January 15

Piers Morgan Bowled Over

Sorry but Morgan looks like a brave but easily dislikeable idiot in this.

Ditch your baseball-driven ideas about aiming at the batsman - cricket has a long and legal tradition of fast bowlers looking to hurt people and great innings by batsmen against the barrage. Look up Michael Holding getting after Geoff Boycott in 1981, Rick McCosker coming back out to bat with his jaw wired shut after getting it broken by a bouncer, some of the footage here. One of the primary ways of getting a batsman out - Leg Before Wicket - can only occur if the ball hits the batsman.

The Piers Morgan bit would be like Jim Rome continuing to call out Jim Everett as scared of the pass rush and then telling all and sundry that he, with his experience as a QB at the local community college, knows how to deal with the blitz. After being obnoxious about it over a period of time a retired Strahan or Kevin Greene type signs on to show him what the pros face. He then proceeds to completely bail under the first hint of a pass rush while talking smack to the ex-pro, leading the ex-pro to bury him for his troubles.

posted by deflated at 12:53 AM on December 29

Rogers reaches 12-year broadcast deal with NHL worth $5.2-billion

No network anywhere can top CBC's hockey coverage.

CBC is the best technically but I've more than one friend who won't be sorry to see the back of the current HNIC people and format.

Yeah there is some Canucks bias in there but it seems like you get a better quality of play-by-play and colour guys on the TSN/Sportsnet broadcasts. CBC/HNIC seems to be getting more like ESPN every year - personality focused, controversial rather than incisive, everyone loves Don Cherry, etc.

posted by deflated at 06:01 PM on November 27

Red Sox win the World Series.

Since we're now officially in the hot stove season, do you think think we'll eventually start seeing WAR based contracts?

As a negotiating point I'd be surprised if it hasn't happened already. Scott Boras prepared a 73-page report on Prince Fielder when he was selling him as a free agent, I'd be amazed if WAR (and similar SABR-ish metrics) weren't involved. Teams have access to tools and internal statistical measures we'll never see as the raw data is private, stats are very significant to some teams.

If you're talking about a contract with WAR-based incentives I'd say just this side of never, the defensive component of WAR is far too volatile for either side to want to use it.

posted by deflated at 12:57 AM on November 01

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Okay, Leaf fans need to get a grip. This is Brian Burke we're talking about; if he was going to sign a FA today he would have nailed down the details long before today. Whether you like his talent evaluation or not he is skilled and experienced in the mechanics of being an NHL GM. These are probably the same fans who whined that he didn't nab the Sedins before they re-upped for the Canucks and complain that Rick Nash wants to be a Leaf so just get him, alright?

posted by deflated at 11:22 PM on July 02

Report: Peyton Manning Has Picked Broncos

"Who will rid me of this meddlesome quarterback?"

Heh - makes the history geek in me laugh. After this I can totally see Elway stamping out revolts among the Broncos faithful for the rest of his reign.

posted by deflated at 10:51 PM on March 20