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Astros Win World Series

This gives hope to Washington and Seattle to make it to the World Series next year.

No, as a former Expos fan who now follows the Mariners it would need a lot more than that to give us hope. Have you seen the state of the Mariners for the last 15 years?

posted by deflated at 11:33 AM on November 03

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The sign-and-trades I'm seeing are Crowder doing the S&T and going to Utah for Hood/Exum/Favors. That would be insane from Utah; taking Crowder for Hayward would be a crappy deal for them, trading a different useful piece would be bizarre at best.

posted by deflated at 11:22 PM on July 06

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Kind of disappointing. Utah were one of the more interesting teams and I was hoping to see how they would grow over the next couple of seasons, find out how far that defense could take them. Celtics look very good but don't excite me and it's one more nail in the coffin of small market teams.

posted by deflated at 05:23 PM on July 05

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The different dominant styles going from MLS-to-PL may be more of a deciding factor. MLS seems closer to the early PL days back in the Nineties.

Back then there was always the talk about Euro imports to English clubs on whether they could stand the physical nature of English football, how the PL was all about direct football and hard tackles. Now MLS seems to have that niche covered. Someone like Tim Cahill can come across and be a dominant player when he's done at Everton as he's still a decent player who happens to be a great fit for MLS football.

Going back the other way the player needs to find the right fit.

posted by deflated at 11:13 AM on June 02

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Surely if we needed a football metaphor for the extended Trumpcare congressional fiasco then the buttfumble is the way to go.

posted by deflated at 01:35 AM on May 05

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The NHL will be a far better place the day Duncan Keith retires but that was pretty much a textbook hit. Stayed low enough for all contact to be below the shoulders but no knees were threatened. Well executed, rather see a dozen like that than the stickwork and 'second point of contact' headshots that are the norm these days.

posted by deflated at 12:01 PM on April 21

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

NBA is all about the stars; you go as far as your best players can take you. I'm not sure there is any incentive you can offer a genuine contender (Cavs, GS, Spurs) to keep their stars on the court if the team thinks their stars could use a night off.

posted by deflated at 09:27 PM on March 19

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal 'mentally collapsed' against Bayern Munich

As an Arsenal fan I would like to keep Wenger just to piss off Piers Morgan. Its a price worth paying.

posted by deflated at 02:11 PM on February 17

Packers, Steelers, Seahawks, Texans Advance

1) Osweiler managed to beat the Pats when he was a Bronco

Can we change that to "Osweiler didn't completely screw it up for the defence against the Pats as a Bronco"?

posted by deflated at 01:16 AM on January 09

All-Star Game No Longer Decides World Series Home Field

I also think the Super Bowl should be played in the previous year's winner's home stadium. Imagine a Lambeau Field Super Bowl

So the most likely matchups this year would be the Pats or Raiders playing the Cowboys or Seahawks at Mile High?

Broncos fans would just love that.

posted by deflated at 03:06 PM on December 01

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

It's a Great Day for the Irish.

posted by deflated at 12:12 AM on November 06

Tim Tebow Wants to Play Baseball

I wouldn't be surprised if Tebow got a look from some club that put him at Triple-A to see what he could do.

Tebow playing even one game at AAA level would be the most ridiculous major sporting publicity stunt I have ever seen. Elite college players take 3 years of pro ball to get to AAA and you think Teebs has a shot when he hasn't played in anger since high school 11 years ago?

posted by deflated at 01:58 AM on August 10

NFL Adds Rule for Automatic Ejections After 2 Personal Fouls

So is this limited to taunting, punching a player and insulting officials or am I reading this wrong?

For reference I went back to a recent series of penalties from one player and checked if Aqib Talib would've been tossed from the SB. Nope - he had one taunting penalty in the 1st Q and then was good the rest of the way, the intentional facemask wouldn't add to the total. This Broncos fan doesn't mind that but wonders what this will achieve.

They've made this easy for the officials by limiting it to after-the-play penalties rather than anything called in the heat of the moment. Honestly I don't see too much in this, unless you completely lose the plot like Beckham nothing happens.

posted by deflated at 02:30 AM on March 24

Ranking the Super Bowl MVPs

Not enough love for Terrell Davis. 30 for 157 and 3 TDs in 3 quarters when nothing was working for the passing game. Lining up as a decoy in the 2nd quarter when he couldn't focus enough to see the ball due to a migraine. Should be top 5.

Best playoff RB ever and it truly isn't even close.

posted by deflated at 11:12 AM on January 28

Denver Beats New England to Reach Super Bowl 50

Stat of the game: Brady took more QB hits today than any other QB in any game all season. He was hit 11 times more than the previous high allowed by the Pats this year.

The Broncos DL flat-out abused the Pats OL.

posted by deflated at 12:23 AM on January 25