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It doesn't pay to punt

Watching the Patriots game vs Denver,I couldn't help but to feel bad for Tom Brady. As an avid Pats fan, I have to start wondering what the hell management ,and even owner Bob Kraft are thinking. They take away Brady's top receivers, replace them with rookies(besides Watson)and then wonder why he looked bewildered on the field Sun. night. Heres a guy who took less money to keep this team as good as possible,not thinking about himself. All though they are still a good team,one has to wonder how much longer the Pats can stay competitive paying these players at bargain basement salaries. They are well under the cap,so come on Bob Kraft,start opening the pocket a little and get Brady some help with some receivers. Maroney is going to turn into a great back,in which he has shown already this year so far. I think Dillon has still got a good year or 2 left.(Injured this past Sun?) Now that we all got a taste of winning here in New England Mr Kraft, lets not go and follow in the footsteps of the likes of the Sullivans and Red Sox. I know the season is only 3 games old, and I'm not pushing the panic button...yet... lets righten the ship and fix these problems. We can't keep on loosing players like Branch,Patten,Vinatieri,and other players we lost that we could have kept by spending a little or alot,dependind on how you look at their value to the team. The schedule isn't getting any easier having to go to Cincinnatti,and some other tough games coming up. Luckily we play in the AFC East

posted by starrider at 04:43 PM on September 26