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One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

He had better hope that black substance wasn't hash. In my state(CA) it is treated much differently than weed. If TSA want to be jerks about it they could probably try to throw down some b.s. like he was attempting to transport both paraphanalia and a controlled substance across state lines. I'm sure Vick will be forced to 'lawyer-up' and claim that the water bottle retrieved from the recycling bin was not the one he was carrying. I toke daily and would never ever consider taking a small amount of weed through an airport ,especially in a water bottle are you f'n kiddin me? The risk isn't worth the reward especially for someone in his position. I'm not sure if this was an act of ignorance, arrogance or both but either way Vick deserves whatever sh*t he catches for this debacle.

posted by biglu44 at 01:53 PM on January 18