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Name: Alison Scofield
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OK, so about me. Mainly, I love football; three teams I follow - the Steelers (to me, THE BEST !), the 49ers, the NE Patriots. My entire family becomes immersed every fall with football. Also, baseball. And for my eyes only it's the NY Yankees. My best sports memories hover around Yankee Stadium - no place else has the same incredible aura. For basketball, when I watch, it's the Bulls. Still and regardless of Jordan. I have my own collection of football memorabilia, specializing in the quarterbacks I especially admire: first and foremost Montana (for me, no one better), Simms, Brady, Bradshaw, Young, Aiken, Kelly, Rothlisberger, Broadway Joe without the stockings, Tarkenton. Still admire Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, LT, and Bettis ! Wow ! Well, that's a short synopsis.

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Landis Likely to Lose Tour Title

I'm surprised that anyone would risk taking anything knowing how likely testing is. Unless, he thought testosterone would be assumed to be natural to the body even at a higher level. I actually hope he can be cleared.

posted by FootballLady at 05:23 PM on August 06