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Stackhouse Suspended for Game 5

Well Ufez as you can tell I'm not a "homer" and I think the suspension stinks it takes the ball out of the hands of the players during the regualar season it's more understandable but the finals just let the players play. I realize you can't let them play out of control playground basketball but the league better take a hard look at how the Heat are playing.

posted by redwing14fan at 11:08 PM on June 16

Stackhouse Suspended for Game 5

The NHL and Nascar both have an appeals process! In the NFL they have instant replay, not that they should have that in the NBA but still there is an appellit. In the NHL Shaq's hit on stack would have definately drew action from the league because it drew blood. I know this the NBA but to me Shaq's hit was just as bad as Stacks

posted by redwing14fan at 10:57 PM on June 16

Stackhouse Suspended for Game 5

I aggree with you kirkaracha. Wasn't it Riley who said ther is no such thing as an accidental elbow. Something superman Shaq and his boys are doing quite a a lot of and getting away with

posted by redwing14fan at 10:50 PM on June 16

Historic Tiger Stadium: IT'S OUTTA HERE!

Wow I miss a lot of things since I moved from Michigan. I miss the nostalga of Michigan and Trumball. I haven't been back in Michigan in 10 years, so I don't know how bad the old ballpark has gotten but from memory the way most of the city was taken care of, I'm not sure it was in very good condition. I remember the Lions games there as well or how about when the Eagles Hell Freezes over tour not to mention 1884 world series. Billy Martins bar. Man, is that area really prime for that kind of money!

posted by redwing14fan at 10:47 PM on June 16

Stackhouse Suspended for Game 5

Hey are we forgetting about the hit Stackhouse took from Shaq. I know the NBA's prodical son the selfproclaimed "Superman" wasn't called for a flaggrant but it was pretty gruesome. The league saying they want far play, yeah!! thats why they suspended Stackhouse even though he wasn't booted from the game or fined. No suspend the guy and give the Miami Heat another advanantage. I beleive the NBA has it's favorites and the Dallas Mavericks are one of them. No big time celebs in the crowd in Dallas with Mavs shirts on. No glamour there to show the NBA off. Are sports fans really impressed by the celebs in the crowd. And what is with the NBA not listening to appeals most other professional sports have appeals.

posted by redwing14fan at 10:26 PM on June 16