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Better late than never.

I stand corrected, hmm. Terms must have changed since I played the game in the early '80s or I learned them wrong in the first place. My understanding of squeeze plays were as follows: Safety squeeze - batter bunts, runner gets large lead and breaks for home with throw to first. Squeeze - Runner breaks for home on pitch batter bunts. Suicide squeeze - Bases loaded, all runners break on the pitch and the batter bunts. Of course I learned all of this from my coaches (they seemed pretty good) and from reading various reference material of the day. I study/follow the game(baseball) quite a bit (1976-present) and have just recently joined spofi. My apologies (in this instance) for the " Foxtard " comment.

posted by oicnub4 at 09:33 AM on October 29

World Series Game 4

Yipee! Nixon!

posted by oicnub4 at 08:33 PM on October 27

Better late than never.

With Larussa running the club this is pretty much over. All depends on the pitching. Their defense has been spotless. With three extra runs to work with looks like Cards to me. On another note I wish the Foxtards would quit saying "suicide" squeeze. Yes it was a squeeze, No it wasn't a suicide squeeze. The bases weren't loaded.

posted by oicnub4 at 10:22 PM on October 21

This is it

Player of the game, Johny Damon. Series MVP: Ortiz Most dramatic performance of the series: Schilling game 6

posted by oicnub4 at 11:11 PM on October 20

This is it

one out, just one more out!

posted by oicnub4 at 11:05 PM on October 20

This is it

oh neat , now fox has bar cams.

posted by oicnub4 at 10:40 PM on October 20

This is it

pull him NOW!

posted by oicnub4 at 10:13 PM on October 20

This is it

I really don't think that hit him!

posted by oicnub4 at 08:50 PM on October 20

This is it

Every pitcher is available except for Schilling. 6 is not many, but I like the chances for now.

posted by oicnub4 at 08:33 PM on October 20

This is it

"that many" was not supposed to be itals. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

posted by oicnub4 at 08:24 PM on October 20

This is it

With that out of the way - how many runs do you Sox fans want to be up by to feel comfortable? that many!!!!

posted by oicnub4 at 08:22 PM on October 20

This is it

Lowe is pitching much better than Brown, Sox could pad this quick.

posted by oicnub4 at 08:09 PM on October 20

Yanks v. Sox Game 6.

WOW, what a thriller

posted by oicnub4 at 11:20 PM on October 19

Yanks v. Sox Game 6.

oh god don't walk again. gulp

posted by oicnub4 at 11:18 PM on October 19

Yanks v. Sox Game 6.

walk, good idea. Hard to watch this.

posted by oicnub4 at 11:08 PM on October 19