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(Un)Holy Toledo!

This guy needs to be put away for a long time!

posted by The Tribster at 04:15 AM on April 01

How 3-4 Teams See the Draft

Do you mean the teams that are picking 3rd and 4th in the draft? or teams that play the 3 -4 defense? The Browns are picking 3rd and they have everyone guessing as to which direction they will go! They can go anywhere and still improve thier team. Tampa Bay is interested in Calvin Johnson, may have to trade up to get him. as far as 3-4 defensive teams they are more likely to draft the tweeners D_lineman so they can play them as a linebacker or D-Lineman

posted by The Tribster at 09:16 AM on March 19

Tressel Skipped Final Coaches' Poll Vote

He wanted to make a ststement that he is ready to play anybody. Like you decide we 'll play them!

posted by The Tribster at 04:16 AM on December 07

Quick, name a sulking NFL receiver looking bad on the sidelines: Marvin Harrison?

That isn't nothing compared to what happened to my Browns last week when Brayln Edwards spouted off against his own teammate Brian Russell on a hit he made on Chad Johnson in the first meeting with the Bengals. Than follows that up with a sideline tiraid with Frye and his linemen...during the game with the Bengals. It was really the lowest point in years! He did a TO impression on the sidelines!

posted by The Tribster at 07:14 AM on November 29

Russian cosmonaut hits golf ball into orbit.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

posted by The Tribster at 09:51 AM on November 23

Russian cosmonaut hits golf ball into orbit.

I wonder how many yards it went. it has to be the longest drive Yet :)

posted by The Tribster at 09:50 AM on November 23

Bo Schembechler Dies on Eve of Michigan/Ohio State Game

Add to my comment It was a late TD by Michgan to make it a 3 point game, This could hurt thier chances for a rematch. If OSU would of went ahead and beat them late by three points, Michigan would have a stronger case to have a rematch. It's ajudgement call by the BCS

posted by The Tribster at 07:42 PM on November 18

Bo Schembechler Dies on Eve of Michigan/Ohio State Game

I am a diehard Buckeyes Fan. Bo was a great coach for Michigan, He was a very tough coach to beat. OSU and Michigan riverly between Woody and Bo was classic and to be never matched! They both were rivals but both had tremendous respect for each other! The dog fight the two teams had today would of made both Woody and Bo proud. The two best teams in the nation played today. I am still mixed about a rematch It would depend upon how USC plays it's game. Most of the time the two best conference champs should play for the National championship, but this year it could be an exception,It's in the BCS hands now!

posted by The Tribster at 07:35 PM on November 18

2006 NFL TV distribution maps.

I think it has something to do with federal regulations that the NFL has to follow when it broadcasts local teams. The station can only show a doubleheader when the local team is on the has to show the local teams game to the teams host city and viewing area. It's contractual...

posted by The Tribster at 06:09 PM on November 16

"She shouldn't be here. I know that sounds sexist but I am sexist. This is not park football, so what are women doing here?"

He should not of said what he said even if it was remotely true! Which is not of course! Prejudices in this world suck!

posted by The Tribster at 04:28 AM on November 13

NFL Refs

Can anyone change thier Brains?

posted by The Tribster at 10:38 AM on August 04

Browns lose C Bently for season

Remember The worst thing that happened to Cleveland Sports scince Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore is Dolan!

posted by The Tribster at 08:55 AM on July 28

Browns lose C Bently for season

Bentley will bounce back next year, it's not career ending. Hallen can do the job He is better than any previous centers we had since the Browns came back. Thank God Savage added depth to the line in the off season. The Browns will bounce back, Hang in there the Browns are on the right track!

posted by The Tribster at 08:53 AM on July 28

Monday's Great Flag Save

I watched the Cleveland/New York 19-1 game. It was very enjoyable and fun and very sweet! As far as flag burning,They may have a right to express themselves, and so do I when I express myself when I beat the crap out of them!

posted by The Tribster at 04:18 AM on July 05

Miami Wins the NBA Championship.

I guess no matter what the outcome someone is going to blame the refs!The Mavs and the Heat are both great teams someone had to win. I congratulate both for a great season! I had to be partial to the Heat, My wifes boss(owner) sister passed away a few weeks ago. She was the wife of the Heats trainer.. Her intials MC was on the Heats jerseys for game 1. Marge is up in heaven celebrating the Heats Championship.

posted by The Tribster at 08:45 AM on June 21