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Name: Randy lakin
Location: So Cal
ZIP: 91740
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I'm from So. Cal., so I like the SoCal teams,Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, and ?(no football team). I grew up a RAM fan as did my father, and I used to have season tickets to the Rams. I suffered through all the bad seasons in Anaheim, and was vey excited when Rams won Superbowl. But am waiting for a new team to end up here.

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NFL Curtails End Zone Celebrations

In the "old" days when Jim Brown, OJ and the other Premier players scored, there was no "special " dance or celebration to bring attention to himself. I see it as a selfish ritual that doesn't belong in the game. Just quit calling attention to yourself and play football.

posted by Ranbo at 02:10 AM on March 30