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Stewart's aggressive side resurfaces at Daytona

Stewart is a titty baby. I have watched the replay of the initial incident where "he got me sideways in 2", and at no point, ever, not even a little, did Kenseth come within less than 2 feet of the ass clowns car. Point 2, All of the chiefs in the cup cheat. Bar none. Every single one of them. Knaus got the exact same penalty for his window device that another repeat offender, Harvick's crew chief Todd Berrier got for modifying his fuel system last year to carry 75% less fuel during a qualifying run. Less fuel weight, faster times... That said, and you obviously know my affiliation reading my screen name, I'm not real sure I understand why you cheat to qualify at Daytona. You can go from the back to the front in 15 laps if you have a good car. Tony's crybaby bitch ass did it several times this year, and Gordon and Junior (over-rated) do it continuously every year. Doesn't make much sense to me.

posted by trey48fan at 07:04 PM on February 21

Knaus suspended through Atlanta

RE: Houston9388 This is in fact the exact same penalty Todd Berrier received for modifying the fuel system during a qualifying run next year. You lose points for "in race" infractions. Not pre race incidents. And all of us know that EVERY SINGLE CREW CHIEF IN THE SERIES CHEATS, some just do it better than others, and don't get caught.

posted by trey48fan at 06:46 PM on February 21