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Film Fest

Interesting. I was not aware of this. It seems like every month there's a different film festival in Toronto (there's a photography film festival going on now, as part of Contact. In and Out Gay and Lesbian film is soon. Hot Docs is just over. etc)

posted by mkn at 11:41 PM on May 15

Am I making sense to anyone???

Yes. This has happened a few times. They start the third with whatever time was left. Blow the whistle when it's done and then start the proper third from centre ice. It's basically at the ref's discretion.

posted by mkn at 01:35 AM on May 05

Are you ready for some hockey?

2 points for picking the team that wins its series 2 points for picking the correct number of games a series lasts No no no. Don't do this. We did this in previous years and it detracts from the whole thing. You should only be rewarded for picking the right number of games if you get the series winner right. At the very least, make it 2 points for # of games with series winner and just the 1 if you just get the number of games (so you get rewarded if you expect something to go seven games).

posted by mkn at 03:51 PM on April 08

NHL Trade Deadline Aftermath Thread:

Front page worthy, no?

posted by mkn at 03:38 PM on February 26

Server Slow No Mo

grum is correct. That's why he has a platinum account.

posted by mkn at 12:00 AM on June 07

Speculate away

Not even close? Stastny has 7 points less on a weaker team (woah, that feels weird saying about Colorado in relation to Pittsburgh) despite being practically invisible until hitting that 20 game point streak late in the year (when he closed to point gap significantly). And if you saw any of those games, you'd have seen that he was really the best player on the ice. Granted, he had a slower start and was overshadowed quickly by the Malkin hype, but he deserves consideration. I don't think he will win, but to say that it's "not even close" is a little bit of a disservice to his play.

posted by mkn at 12:29 PM on April 19


What garfield said plus: regularly updated content. If you update often, people will have more incentive to visit more frequently, thereby driving traffic up. What you get out of it depends on how much effort you put into it.

posted by mkn at 04:18 PM on February 16

World Junior Hockey finals

I prefer these standings. Doubly here. You go from fourth to first, but I jump from 11th to 3rd! Wow....I just noticed, with the exception of the SpoFie Collective there isn't a Canadian member in the top 6......Just saying....... for what it's worth....... Canadians are busy taking the MVPs in Basketball and Baseball and, more importantly, are winning the MLB Confidence Pools.

posted by mkn at 10:59 PM on January 05

I wants me a pony

posted by mkn at 09:49 PM on November 23

NBA predicitions?

Toronto will make the playoffs this year. Watch me eat crow. That's about all I know.

posted by mkn at 02:52 PM on October 30

SportsFilter Now Has a Practice Squad

Yes. I agree. [this is good] You crazy Vox users. Yeah. Vox. That's it... but I agree too.

posted by mkn at 03:38 PM on October 17

Is it to early to make Predictions for the upcoming 2006-07 NHL Season?

TOO SOON. I don't get into full hockey mode until the fall (it's still summer, technically) when all the memories of last season and the stats and the news of whatever trades and signings happened over the last few months catch up with me. Until then, my mind is mush for hockey. However, I will make one prediction. Leafs will finish 7th, 8th, or 9th in the conference. Thus, 66% possibly that they make the playoffs (though they will lose in the first round).

posted by mkn at 04:01 PM on September 07

Linker Dumper

Also, rumours and speculation about a "merger" of the Rogers' Toronto Blue Jays and the MLSE Leafs and Raptors. I don't know, but I really want the Teachers' Union out of the equation. With them, Leafs will never win.

posted by mkn at 09:42 PM on June 02

Linker Dumper

Macaque makes monkeys of hockey experts. Proof that the hockey "experts" know jack shit.

posted by mkn at 09:38 PM on June 02

Let the endless hockey chatter continue

Hart: Thornton Vezina: Kiprusoff Calder: Ovechkin Norris: I think Lidstrom will win it, but Zubov and Niedermayer are deserving too Adams: I'd like to see Lindy Ruff get it, but I think Laviolette is prefered. It might depend on who survives the first round, though. Selke: no idea. Guess Morrow is a good pick, but I'll go and choose... Gagne Byng: Brad Richards Pearson: Thornton Clancy? No idea. Robitaille maybe. Masterson? Jiri Fischer? Or is it too early to award that?

posted by mkn at 01:18 AM on April 28

April 18, 2006...Best Day Ever?

This is all because I ended yesterday on a hockey thread.

posted by mkn at 03:08 PM on April 18


Hey, if the Leafs were in the same division with St. Louis and Chicago, they'd be looking good too. How many games has Detroit lost against its own devision? 2? And both to Nashville, I believe. Meanwhile, the Leafs play Ottawa and Buffalo eight times each and get their asses handed to them about 15 times over. This schedule is BOLLOCKS. Leafs didn't even play the Wings once this year.

posted by mkn at 10:51 PM on April 12


Question, not worth starting a new thread over: NHL Playoffs Pick'em. We will be doing a standard pick a series winner and number of games type routine, right? As much as I like DrJ's system, it works best with round robin based tournaments and the NHL playoffs are obviously not as such.

posted by mkn at 03:01 PM on April 12


3. Sundin is neither injury-prone nor a shadow of his former self. I think the fact that he didn't play hockey during the lockout took it's toll, and he only rounded into game shape in the second half - where he has produced at a top-ten pace. He is far from done. I think it was more the eye injury that slowed him this year than the lockout. It took a while after that before he got the confidence to play like he does... and, really, what gave him the confidence was going to play for Sweden at a time when the Leafs were sucking HARD. He's been, arguably, one of the top 3 players in the league since the Olympics. Unfortunately, it's a little late now and those two losses to Washington are coming back to haunt them now. Trading him would be a huge mistake, despite what some fickle retarded Leaf fans might thing. (and keeping McCabe will not be easy, but if I had a choice, I'd go with Kaberle).

posted by mkn at 02:54 PM on April 12

Link dump time again!

hot and cold running C-listers with more looks than sense hanging off your every Canadianism like it was from the Great Clooney hisself. You do know that Cuthbert is Canadian too, right? She has her own Canadianisms to hold on to. Ooops. I didn't notice the "third" part. I stand corrected! ZING.

posted by mkn at 09:37 PM on April 08

Link dump time again!

That doesn't seem to be a zing to me. I remember Alan Bester in net when I was in grade school, and I remember that he wasn't a very good goalie. In fact, I remember a very lousy goal against St. Louis in the playoffs. Maybe Avery has good memory. Well, compared to most other NHL players -- which he called (paraphrasing) lacking in IQ. Still, for everything he's done, you have to give him credit for Elisha Cuthbert at least. ahem.

posted by mkn at 02:35 PM on April 08

2006 MLB Predictions

My heart says yes, but my brain says maybe. Go with your colon. I think it's the best option when looking at the last decade of major professional Toronto sports.

posted by mkn at 02:27 PM on March 31

Just when you think you have a clue...

Oh look at me over there. So young. So innocent.

posted by mkn at 03:20 PM on March 07

brokeback html

Looks like a failed, underhanded spam attempt to me.

posted by mkn at 01:42 PM on February 24

Filters are overrated

ma.gnolia? Quite a bit of a clone there, even with the url. Anyway, the campfirenow thing is pretty sweet. Will definitely be there for the semis tomorrow.

posted by mkn at 10:34 PM on February 23

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Oooh. The youngsters got a nice one for Russia.

posted by mkn at 03:31 PM on February 21

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Weedy is right. They're so bad, I'm just watching the game on SRC now. My French isn't as good as it could be, but at least I don't have to hear them anymore.

posted by mkn at 03:09 PM on February 21

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

That was such a marginal penalty call.

posted by mkn at 02:54 PM on February 21

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Missed that post, sorry. NICE GOAL. Go Russia -- you'll give me the most points. hah. I really, really hope Canada doesn't play the Russians in the quarters. That would be the worst possible matchup, I think. Not to mention a disappointment as that's the matchup that you'd want to see in the finals and it'd be a shame to see one of those teams leave empty handed.

posted by mkn at 01:51 PM on February 21

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

WOW. Bettman was wearing an ugly sweater. Also Canada won. Barely. They were lucky and they do not look good going into the quarters (save for Brodeur who, excluding that one weak goal, was stellar in the third keeping Canada ahead). They are going to have a hard, hard time against Russia or Sweden. sigh. Crappy win, but worse of all, look at me drop in the pool.

posted by mkn at 11:47 AM on February 21

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

DrJohnEvans would be happy to know McCabe just got another penalty.

posted by mkn at 11:27 AM on February 21

Hockey hockey hockey

Nope. My name is Mike Nowak, actually.

posted by mkn at 04:02 PM on February 20

Hockey hockey hockey

I say 4-1 Canada. Comment icon posted by mkn at 2:22 AM CST on February 20 BOOYA. Do I get extra points for the men's leaderboard?

posted by mkn at 03:38 PM on February 20

Hockey hockey hockey

I don't know whether I should be cheering for the Czechs to beat Canada tomorrow. Canada's in either way, so I won't feel too bad jeering them since a Czech victory is more beneficial to my leaderboard standing. A Canada win is likely to drop me a lot.

posted by mkn at 11:41 AM on February 20

Hockey hockey hockey

^ JOKE THIEF Well, at least one Canadian team that doesn't have trouble scoring is playing today. Anyone want to have a mini-pool on the final score in the women's goal medal game? I say 4-1 Canada.

posted by mkn at 02:22 AM on February 20

Hockey hockey hockey

Jesus. That must be the first 2men down breakaway I've seen in years. (Stupid, lousy penalty though).

posted by mkn at 11:06 AM on February 19

Hockey hockey hockey

Slovakia has just gone ahead of Kazakhstan, with ten minutes to go. I think some people expected Slovakia to play well, but I don't think anyone thought that they would start 4-0.

posted by mkn at 11:01 AM on February 19

Hockey hockey hockey

By that logic: Latvia ties the US, Latvia loses 9-1 to Russia, therefore, US vs Russia will end with a 9-1 Russian win.

posted by mkn at 10:37 AM on February 19

Hockey hockey hockey

Who said that Senators are US killers? Well, Alfredsson makes it 1-0 Sweden vs US. And Kazakhstan is, so far, surprising Slovakia 1-0. Will be another good game day.

posted by mkn at 10:18 AM on February 19

Hockey hockey hockey

Dive is right. Geez. Goal. Tie game.

posted by mkn at 03:27 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

Jagr just got headchecked into the boards. Likely out for the game (more bad luck for the Czechs). This game could get nasty.

posted by mkn at 03:12 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

Bloody hell. For the second time this tourney, I find myself screaming more at Bob Cole than the referee or the teams on the ice.

posted by mkn at 02:33 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

1-1 Finns Czechs. Two quality games going on!

posted by mkn at 02:27 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

There are guidelines and ranges, particularly for the depth of the zones, but overall there is variety. Not so much now as it used to be -- like with the old Boston Garden. Hosssssa.

posted by mkn at 02:13 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

i love the faster pace action of int'l hockey. does that have to do with the more wide open rink? That and the overall talent level. It's more... dilluted in the NHL.

posted by mkn at 01:44 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

Hockey sucks lol how about a real sport like bocci

posted by mkn at 01:43 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

So if Quinn loses this tournament, does that mean the Leafs can safely fire him too?

posted by mkn at 12:44 PM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

They blew. They looked lethargic the whole game. Slow and delayed to make a move, and in that delay, the Swiss kept up with them and got into the shooting lanes and the passing lanes and in front of them. Gerber or no, they deserved to lose that.

posted by mkn at 11:04 AM on February 18

Hockey hockey hockey

As much as I'd hate to see Canada lose to the Swiss, it'd be a good thing for my rankings as it'd even them up, pointwise, with the Czechs.

posted by mkn at 10:30 AM on February 18

Ask SpoFi: Best stat lines ever?

Mario Lemieux December 31, 1988 vs New Jersey: 1 even-strength goal, 1 powerplay goal, 1 shorthanded goal, 1 penalty shot goal, 1 empty net goal.

posted by mkn at 06:22 PM on February 12

I finally have Olympic fever!

? It's transparent so it won't look too good on grey.

posted by mkn at 01:41 PM on February 11

Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony GameTime Locker Room Chat

11. Worst team uniforms: the CBC broadcasters. I wish I had a photo, but I don't.

posted by mkn at 11:03 PM on February 10

Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony GameTime Locker Room Chat

Ugliest team clothing: Italy. Silver bubble jackets? For the host team? WTF?

posted by mkn at 06:29 PM on February 10

Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony GameTime Locker Room Chat

I work from home, sucker. Oh man, Yoko Ono. The dove thing was kinda cool.

posted by mkn at 03:27 PM on February 10

I finally have Olympic fever!

While I like the Spooortsfilter logo, isn't using the rings like that going to get you a cease and decist?

posted by mkn at 02:28 PM on February 10

Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony GameTime Locker Room Chat

So Roots went on to do the US threads? The US team looked very Canadian... I guess it's the Olympic equivalent of wearing a maple leaf on your backpack when travelling Europe.

posted by mkn at 02:26 PM on February 10

Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony GameTime Locker Room Chat

Those skaters with the fire on their head were kinda cool, I'll give them that. Oh shit. SPOILERS!

posted by mkn at 01:25 PM on February 10

Apparently Wayne Gretzky was not the first Super Bowl MVP from a losing team.

There needs to be a Canadian version. "Who scored the winning goal in the 72 summit series" or something.

posted by mkn at 12:29 AM on February 10

NFL Pick 'Em Contest: Superbowl Mania Edition [MI]

Pick a winning team: Budweiser Pick the Superbowl MVP: Paul McCartney Pick the amount of points they'll win by: 6 points Pick the total amount of points scored by both teams: 44

posted by mkn at 01:33 PM on February 05