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April 12

Shanahan to Toronto: Homeward bound. Shanny takes a top job with Maple Leafs.

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December 11

Bradford City stuns Arsenal: For Arsenal, a giant embarrassment against a team that refused to quit.

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June 30

Goodell lays down rules for team relocation to LA: Teams listed as in the relocation mix now are the Jaguars, Chargers, Raiders/Bills (depending on the LA Times or ESPN) and St. Louis Rams.

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March 12

Tiger withdraws from tournament: The future of Tiger Woods takes another turn not far from the Masters.

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March 11

Why Peyton should go to Arizona: The football folk will probably discuss other things, but non-football issues may come into play.

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January 09

Tebow & Broncos best Roethlisberger & Steelers: Never thought I would read that let alone see that.

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October 17

High school player smacks opposing coach: The coach had surgery after bones above and below the ear and cheek, as well as ear bones, were “crushed.”

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October 02

Cowboys blow it in historic collapse: And the blame game starts. Tony Romo was called the MVP of the Detroit Lions as the Cowboys fell to Detroit 34-30 after having a 20-3 halftime lead.

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February 26

Team protest?: The Detroit Pistons are in disarray. An owner trying to dump the team, players that don't show up, and a coach in the middle.

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January 22

Bad lie: All the alligator wanted to do is eat the golf golfer

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January 08

Ah, sorry Tony...Here's some money...We really do like you...That Harbaugh thing was nothing: It was everything an awkward press conference could be. Gum chomping, little eye contact, and the usual hemming and hawing. But the Dolphins did keep Sparano and extended his contract.

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January 06

Titans have had it with Vince Young: Young says that coach Jeff Fisher never trusted him. Owner Bud Adams announced that Young will not be on the Titans roster next year, adding that a new quarterback is needed.

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November 20

Matt Millen praised for work with Detroit Lions: If Matt Millen remains Public Enemy No. 1 in Detroit, Roy Williams might be a close No. 2. Williams, a former Lions receiver, praised Millen for doing "a great job" as Lions general manager.

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November 14

Spurrier swamps the Gators: The Gamecocks are SEC East champs. "We haven't had many championships so we have to coach them up a little bit," Spurrier said. "But we didn't talk about it obviously until the game was over."

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November 07

Could title game be TCU vs. Boise State?: TCU may have earned the right Saturday to play in the BCS final. Boise State is looking good too. Is a non Pac-10, Big Ten, whatever-10-or-12, title game in the BCS cards?

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October 17

Another QB controversy in Philly?: After Kolb's three-touchdown, 326-yard day against the Atlanta Falcons, the quarterback question is back in Andy Reid's court.

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September 26

Spot your favorite NFL arrestee: These are arrests and citations involving NFL players since 2000 that were more serious than speeding tickets. The list cannot be considered comprehensive in part because some incidents may not have been reported and some public records proved to be elusive. Increased media coverage of incidents also probably accounts for more incidents listed in recent years. The search box does not work well, but some trends can be seen.

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September 12

Indiana cannot forget Bob Knight: His legend, and wins, live on for the Hoosiers

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September 04

Cardinals release Matt Leinart: And there was not a lot of trade interest.

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July 20

Baseball food: Not for the fiscally frugal or calorie counters.: If you plan to visit the concession stands at the game, bring a lot of money and plan for a meal full of calories and probably cholesterol.

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May 25

Yzerman heads south for GM post: With his resume, he could go anywhere he wanted. Tampa Bay wins.

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May 18

Speaking of Baseball...: In light of recent events, here is Ernie Harwell's HOF speech, complete with his poem about baseball. A good read.

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May 11

Tiger woods loses his swing coach: Tiger Woods' troubled career took another blow Monday, when one of his coaches said he would no longer be working with golf's No. 1 player

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August 12

It's image, image, image Barry: “There’s a big difference between a court of law and the court of public opinion,” said Mike Paul, the president of MGP & Associates PR in New York. “I’m sure an attorney is telling him, ‘You can’t say you’re sorry or that you took steroids,’ but it’s the only thing that would repair his reputation.”

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April 15

NASCAR facing uncertain future as it searches for its identity: “Are we moonshiners, country music, banjos and Route 66?” said one auto racing promoter. “Or are we merlot and Rodeo Drive? We just have to settle down and say: ‘Is this what we want? Exactly who are we?’ ”

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