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"MLB's Top 50 Free Agents"

Guardado and Hawkins would be less expensive, risky investments. Foulke is the guy they need; he's been in pressure before, he's obviously the best AL closer at this point. If they pinch pennies and go with one of the other two, I have a feeling it will catch up to them. This being said, Williamson wouldn't be bad either, he looked good in the playoffs for the most part.

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Pick your most memorable sporting moments

I agree meatsaber, that was a pretty special moment right there.

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Moving A-Rod.

What will they do with Manny? I wouldn't think that the Red Sox could keep them both on payroll and somehow improve that staff/bullpen.

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"MLB's Top 50 Free Agents"

Note to Red Sox: grab Keith Foulke. Millwood would fit in mighty nice though, they could use a horse in that rotation.

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I'm glad Matsui didn't win. While technically he falls within the limits of an MLB rook, he's had professional experience before, so I feel as if that kind of took him out of it. Isn't A, AA and AAA baseball also Pro Ball? I don't really know how the Japanese leagues compare to our AAA league, however I don't think that there's a whole lot of difference where you play pro ball; the major leagues are the big ticket and as such, any pro ball outside of that league shouldn't discredit your ability to win this award. I liked Podsednik for NL Rook of the Year but maybe that's because he held my sorry fantasy team together.

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"I should hold up a sign. My number one priority is tennis"

How do YOU know that? I don't, it's just a guess based on watching her play the top players in the world when she was at her best. They toyed with her because she didn't have strong enough groundstrokes. She could prove me wrong, but I don't think she will.

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"I should hold up a sign. My number one priority is tennis"

This is pretty cool news if just for proving that she actually does like playing tennis more than being a model (or, at least at the same level). She'll never be the best player in the world, no, but there are alot of players on tour who have never won a tournament either and hopefully her return will be a successful one.

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The first link makes the uniforms look like they're made of satin. I certainly hope not.

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Top 10 Pro Basketball Player Names (2003-2004 edition).

Names like Calvin Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooth are a sportscaster's delight.

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Finally! An honest-to-goodness closer in Philadelphia.

As well, any who say that Duckworth is washed up can look at a variety of cases this year of players who took a while before they were ready to be productive big leaguers; Jose Guillen, Esteban Loaiza, David Ortiz (to a less extent but he definitely realized his potential this year) as primary examples. Duckworth's current worth may be lower than it was 2 years ago but you have to think that he's got the stuff to put it together if he gets the right guidance.

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Finally! An honest-to-goodness closer in Philadelphia.

Considering the fact that Wagner is expensive, 32, a free-agent after this season and Houston has other viable options at closer, I think that they may have swung a good deal here. As is the case with all established players for prospects deal, there's no point on saying who won the deal until the players have made it to the big leagues for a couple of years. There have been countless cases of players being traded for blue chip prospects that haven't panned out; there's a risk involved but also a great upside. I think the key to Phili's success is resigning/replacing effectively Kevin Millwood. He's a horse on the front end of your rotation and a person who can throw that many effective innings is invaluable to a postseason-bound team, especially with his playoff experience.

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Way to go Wild!

I don't understand the fan sentiment that salaries are too high. I'd assume that sentiment was actually directed as a comparison to salaries everywhere else in the world.

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The Yankees lose! The-e-e-e-e Yankees lose!

no = new. Not a good start.

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The Yankees lose! The-e-e-e-e Yankees lose!

BTW, the Yankees may have lost the world series, but red sox fans your team didn't even get the chance to lose the world series did they? I wonder if David Ortiz was playing golf this week? I wonder if Pedro is back home in the DR? How about the double loser couple Mia and Nomar, I wonder if they licked each others wounds? Yes, this definitely sounds like a more mature approach to sports. Excellent job of contradicting yourself within a span of 4 lines, no SpoFi record! Oh, hi everyone.

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