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Last post. Thought about trying to "crawl up your ass," but I couldn't get around the stick. On the substance: Like I said, I'm happy to let your comments speak for themselves. On the sniping: who is crawling up whose ass here? On preview: it's all been worth it if vito has been amused. Enjoy the Twizzlers.

posted by jeffmshaw at 05:18 PM on April 26

Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

Wow! That's a great story, usfbull, and I can totally see it happening. You also get thrown out of Safeco for wearing shirts with any profanity on them, even "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" gear.

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Not only do I know what finger you've got up, I know what orifice it currently inhabits. Look, rcade, you posted this FPP about a tragic death. What did you think the first comment was going to be? Probably something like "How tragic, senseless and sad." Right? I don't know what about "how tragic, senseless and sad" provoked you to lecture a dead college kid for having a party at her house, but something did. In the second comment in this thread, you dropped your derisive comment. The "subject of partying at 3 a.m." didn't "come up." You brought it up out of the blue as a way to get your take on this issue across. Your point, as I understand it, is that you think this girl made a bad choice that got her killed. We disagree. I think that's a terrible way to look at this, a way that blames an innocent bystander who paid the ultimate price for someone else's awful decision. I also stand by my "you apparently posted this FPP so you could follow it up with that comment," er, comment, and frankly don't see why it's at all controversial. You began the thread. You were the second person to comment in it. Clearly that's something you wanted to say, right? So isn't it strictly accurate to say that you posted this FPP so you could follow it up with that comment? You had a vocal take that was different than mine. We argued. Isn't that, you know, the point? [BTW, if this is "personal" to you, then you really do need to get a thicker skin. Or maybe relax a little. Go to a few parties, you know.]

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So, here's how I read your comments: "Without blaming Cooper at all," you want to point out that she engaged in "questionable behavior" and that "nothing good can happen" to people engaged in that behavior. I'm willing to let that speak for itself.

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Hey, at least I wait until 3 a.m. before making a fool of myself. This 3 a.m. rule: is there a way to interpret your invocation of it that that does not constitute blaming the victim? She was an adult who had a party at her own home. There's no way she could have foreseen two people getting into a violent dispute that she wasn't party to and killing her accidentally. A college student over 21 should be able to throw a party and indulge in a little legal drinking without having to frisk everybody who shows up -- and without facing tongue-clicking from second-guessers who say she shouldn't have stayed up late.

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Rcade, I'm glad you feel comfortable judging a 21-year-old college kid for having a party at her own house that stretched into the wee hours of the morning. I regret that I don't have your strength of conviction. Yes, many of the good things that have happened to me while hanging out at parties until 3 a.m. involve booze, but I can't think of any that involve puking. Sorry to disappoint you. Even sorrier that you evidently have never been at a party where you're having so much fun you don't want to go home. Met my wife that way. I think the rule "nothing good can happen when you're Michael Irvin and you're out at 3 a.m." might make sense. As it stands, though, it looks an awful lot like you're saying "College kids that throw parties and get shot should have known better than to throw parties." Classy. The fact that you apparently posted this FPP so you could follow it up with that comment is even classier.

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Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

[rhythmic finger snapping] "When you're a Jet, you're ALWAYS a Jet ..." Sing it with me now!

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Plenty of good things have happened to me when I was out at 3 a.m. And plenty of people have thrown parties and not gotten shot.

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How tragic, senseless and sad.

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Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

Unfortunately, you get thrown out of Safeco Field for wearing stuff like this. I wish I were making that up. Our team may be 6-13, but it's a civil, family-friendly 6-13! Sheesh.

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New NFL Draft Thread.

I see the Sea Chickens have also drafted Niko. No, not that Nico:

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BTW, they took Snee early in the second round, not in the first.

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I believe Coughlin when he says that this pick is based solely on football. But Snee better not be a bust, or the tabloids will kill both of them.

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New NFL Draft Thread.

Not sure how this came off on TV -- I was following the draft on radio -- but I love how the MSG crowd booed Eli Manning everywhere he went. Everywhere. Agreed that the Giants got robbed. To move up three spaces costs three picks, when most analysts have Manning pretty close to Rivers and Roethlisberger? I think the Browns made out well with their two picks (both Winslow and Sean Jones will produce for them), but again, the price was pretty high. They gave up a second-round pick this year to move up one space. Must've wanted Kellen's kid pretty bad. Sleepers outside of round one: I gotta wave my Duck flag and say Igor Olshansky is great value in round two. The guy's only played organized football for four years -- he's just getting better. Devard Darling in the third round to Baltimore could work out very well. They need a big receiver, and it's a surprise he fell this far IMO. The Seahawks appear to be having their annual disappointing draft. Needing a defensive lineman, they could have traded up two or three spaces to get Vince Wilfork or Kenichi Udezi -- but settle for third-best Marcus Tubbs. Then they grab Michael Boulware, apparently unaware of Seattle's bad luck with little brothers named Michael. Speaking of little brothers, we appear to have also drafted Heather Locklear's.

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Archie should stay out of the draft, go back to Riverdale and concern himself with whether Betty or Veronica is a better option.

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I'd be shocked if this didn't get overturned on appeal, but it'll be interesting to see how the NFL handles this -- the "supplemental draft" idea sounds weird to me. But this and the Corey Dillon trade mean I've gotta re-work my draft pool.

posted by jeffmshaw at 04:10 PM on April 19

Barry Bonds has hit more than 660 HRs,

I'd put the all-time homer record up with the single-season homer record, too. That's why I think it's a big deal ... ... when someone is coming close to breaking that record. Moving into third? C'mon.

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Barry Bonds has hit more than 660 HRs,

I agree with Neyer. Tremendous achievement, but stunningly overplayed by the media.

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Yes, excellent link. Mick, try using the unstable driver and experimenting with types of throw to put a hook into things. [I'm doing an article about frisbee golf soon, so I can call this research.]

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Nice. I blogged this article earlier this week and also thought about posting it here. There's also

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Soccer vs Baseball.

Never. I think the best case scenario for soccer in the U.S. is what's happened with baseball in many Latin American countries: very popular on its own merits, but a clear second to the traditional game that's been around forever comparatively.

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Bonds ties Mays; Hits 660th.

bcb2k2, Rob Neyer agrees.

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Could this be the year?

Good lord. It's FIVE GAMES into the season. Five games. Not nearly enough time to draw conclusions. On the other hand, the Mariners are 0-5, which proves Bill Bavasi is a big dumbass.

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Eye, chihuahua. Though many affronts nearly as bad happened in high school wrestling, as I recall.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

The Mariners aren't interested in Bradley, says GM Bill Bavasi, because our outfield is fine, and we wouldn't have a place to put him. There are many reasons not to pursue Miltie, but that ain't one of them. typing with two hands, fraz ...

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What language will get you red carded?

"Bitch" and "Dickhead" don't get asterisked out, but "W*nker" does?

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"our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Don Mattingly"

What an ill-advised prank. Almost defines poor taste. Before I clicked on the link at ESPN, I thought it was going to be a "Don Mattingly elected to the Hall of Fame!" fake story. That woulda been bad enough, but this? Sheesh.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

But if her name were "Champagne," would the back room of said strip joint be called the "Dallas Room"? Ah, there's that sound of one hand clapping again.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

Bill Parcells' daughter is named Dallas? If his daughter were named "San Francisco," the Niners might have a shot this year.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

Seattle! You go to Seattle! BTW, I like Shapiro as a GM very much. I think he's got Cleveland on the right track, and I wouldn't be shocked to see them compete this year.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

Yeah, that one was pretty Parcheesi. [I keed, I keed!]

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

Vito: thanks for the link. Jugwine: the mind Boggles.

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Kelsey Martin is a high school softball star. 1deeznutz As always, yes, I am 12 years old.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

I don't believe in chemistry. I think winning often creates it, and I don't think a team needs to like each other to win. I also think that a) Milton's not such a bad guy, b) a veteran clubhouse like the Mariners would be the best place to chill him out, and c) the M's will finish third without a major move, chemistry or not. Of course, John Levesque of the P-I disagrees with me, saying that chemistry will put the M's over the top this year. So I guess this season will be an experiment in whether there's such a thing.

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After a blow-up with his manager, Milton Bradley will likely be traded by Sunday.

For insight into Bradley's personality, I also offer this, which is well worth reading if only for the story about Milton's mom and the would-be robber. Wow.

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Pretty interesting take-down

I agree on Salisbury, Scott and Pasquarelli. I think Dan Patrick's ego has reached epic proportions, though, and find his radio show just about unlistenable. As a Seattle partisan, I'm partial to Clayton -- and I've never understood why people bash Linda Cohn. She seems to me the most understated and professional of the anchors.

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God bless you, trharlan. I was enjoying FireFox until it abruptly crashed and removed itself from my machine.

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NFL to overturn Owens deal

Then there's this little item at the bottom: One other thing... The two items above are absolute fiction. Enjoy April Fools' Day. The "Pete Rose to be reinstated within two days" bit was the other "news" referenced.

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Maybe the D-Rays should move to Japan.

The Seibu Lions used to be like the Texas Rangers -- one great player, lots of not-so-great talent surrounding him. Now that Kazuo Matsui's in the states, tho, they'll likely be the Eastern Motor City Kitties.

posted by jeffmshaw at 01:56 PM on March 30

Maybe the D-Rays should move to Japan.

I care. It's a good idea. And the Yankees lost. An excellent trifecta from my perspective.

posted by jeffmshaw at 12:21 PM on March 30

Tigers fans are the best in baseball.

Great links, dusted, thanks. My wife's 82-year-old grandmother is a devoted Yomiuri Giants fan: she doesn't miss a game. I've always wanted to go see a game in Japan, and Hanshin's now on my list. "It is supposed to be family first and then the Tigers second," he said. "Sometimes, if the Tigers are winning, I change it and put the Tigers first." Yowza.

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Study: Aid for baseball stadiums unneeded.

... how about because there's no evidence stadiums promote jobs or increase tax revenue? And I suspect many of us would say lots of corporate subsidies are bad, too.

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Get officially licensed sports gear here -- for your dog.

The collars don't freak me out, nor the leashes, which dogs commonly wear. It's the jackets, especially the Lakers fleece warmup jacket we see a dachsund wearing on page three of the gallery. Dogs have fur. They don't need fleece. And I'm sure my dog would never, ever root for the Lakers.

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Study: Aid for baseball stadiums unneeded.

Some of the best summary work on this, IMO, has been done in Dollars and Sense magazine. Then there's this classic (though pessimistic) Brookings report from 1997.

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Fines are out - 15 yard penalties are in.

Though I hate the Cowboys, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for George Teague, who cold-cocked T. Owens as he stood on the Texas Stadium star.

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2004 NFL Mock Draft

I consider it on.

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Indeed. Looks like a great story. It's a crime that Santo isn't in the Hall.

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2004 NFL Mock Draft

Vito, I think Reggie is definitely a first-round pick, and whoever gets him is going to get a bargain. Fitzgerald and the other Williams will go before he does, which probably pushes Reggie to the latter half of the first round. For a big, athletic, fast receiver with soft hands, that's a steal. Tank I think is a first-round stretch, but I've been wrong before.

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2004 NFL Mock Draft

Bill: the way we did it, everybody filled out a first-round order with a players name in each slot. You got one point for each correct slotted pick, one point for getting the team the player went to correct. Example: if you pick Stephen Jackson at six to Detroit, and he goes to Detroit at six, you get two points. If Detroit trades down to get him at 12, you get one point. If Kansas City trades up to get him at 6, you get one point. Etc. Nobody got very many right, but it was fun to play Kiper-for-a-day. I even acquired bulletproof hair beforehand for good luck. [And you're right, Udezi and Williams are WAY too low on that PFW sheet. I'm not an insider by any means, but I'm skeptical about the accuracy of that list.]

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2004 NFL Mock Draft

I'd be shocked if Stephen Jackson goes in the top half of the first round, and PFW has him going sixth. Best back in the draft? Probably. Worth the sixth pick in the draft? Hardly.

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2004 NFL Mock Draft

Last year, I ran an NFL draft pool at my office. I wonder if anyone would sign up if we did one here ...

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2004 NFL Mock Draft

The running backs in this draft just aren't as good as some of the top-tier wideouts and QBs. Your boy Mike Williams should go top-three, top-five at the very least. I am hoping Igor Olshansky from my alma mater drops to the Seahawks in the latter portion. Hot damn I love draft talk. Who else starts franchises in Madden and immediately trades the best players for first-round picks? [Raises hand]

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Rally 'round the Ole Oak Tree.

Oak Tree sure toughened up Jeff McInnis.

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"I like Brady, and it doesn't mean he's a bad guy because he took steroids."

Not sure if you're asking me for a link or not, JG, but here's a shameless self-link to my 'blog entry on this topic. It contains pretty much all I've got to say about this, as well as links that (hopefully) back up some of what I'm saying -- for instance, that if a one-year power surge is proof of the juice, players like Rich Aurilia will have to start answering questions about his 2001 career year. If you're interested, I'm sure I can come up with other one-year wonder examples. Even greats like my favorite player Andre Dawson, who had 49 homers in 1987 and didn't come close again, spring to mind.

posted by jeffmshaw at 03:53 PM on March 16

"I like Brady, and it doesn't mean he's a bad guy because he took steroids."

Say what you will about Dusty Baker, he was right that the issue of controlled substances would turn into a conversation devoid of substance. If a fluke power year is an indicator of steroid use, a lot of baseball players have been on steroids in the past. C'mon, Jim, bring some facts to the table, OK?

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The Hardball Times.

I haven't heard of any of them except Aaron Gleeman, but Gleeman's blog is good.

posted by jeffmshaw at 10:38 AM on March 15

I'm not saying the story isn't interesting and worth reporting. I am saying that I definitely don't come down on the "he's too hard on Barnett" side of things. He may be harder on Barnett than others might have been, but I don't think we have enough info to say that.

posted by jeffmshaw at 11:00 PM on March 12

If you could lose your writing license for underage drinking, how many journalists do you think would have jobs? Oh, wait: condoning underage drinking. Never mind.

posted by jeffmshaw at 06:13 PM on March 12

There are huge differences between the two cases. Barnett's the highest paid public employee in the state, and in charge of recruiting to a highly prestigious football program; even if the worst is true in Reilly's case (and it doesn't look like it is), he's a parent who was out to dinner for three hours. If hope nothing happened to the girl in Reilly's home, but if something did, it's tough to find him culpable for it.

posted by jeffmshaw at 04:59 PM on March 12