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Bill Walsh Traded To Angels

Thanks Coach, Thank You for all you've done both on and off the field!!!!!! GOD Bless...

posted by tommygator at 03:41 PM on July 30

College Football Rankings - Week 1

For those who think Notre Dame is a #1 team , Please rethink your opion, and ask yourself who does Notre Dame play this year.They have a easy schedule , they only play 3 repeat 3 top 25 teams!!!!! Florida plays 6 repeat 6 top 25 teams , 3 of which are on the road!!!!! Now taking into consideration schedule strength ,Who should be # 1 ???? Ans- Florida , enough said.......

posted by tommygator at 05:49 PM on August 07


Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by tommygator at 03:04 PM on July 06

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked

The American League where a pitcher can be warned for coming up and in on a batter. Just like in Little League!!!!!! Long live the National League .the inside fastball and the brush back

posted by tommygator at 09:25 AM on June 15

Whoa, Nellie

Fall Saturday afternoons just won't be the same!!!! Thanks Keith , Thanks for the all the great calls .

posted by tommygator at 06:56 AM on May 01

49ers Win!!!

As a life long 5 time World Champion Steeler Fan , any blow to those cheep shot dirty hitting raiders is a great thing!!!!!!!!!!

posted by tommygator at 06:09 AM on February 25

Mavs owner Mark Cuban to buy the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Mark Cuban might just be what the Pittsburgh Pirates and the hard working people [fans] of Pittsburgh need.

posted by tommygator at 07:15 PM on July 19