November 14, 2018

SportsFilter NBA Pick 'Em Week 5: Tyson's Mighty Beard Edition: There are six national games on the NBA schedule this week, beginning tonight on ESPN with Pelicans/Timberwolves. There was absolute carnage in the Pace Mannion the past week, survived only by Ufez Jones with a week-winning 24. I'm in first at 122, NoMich in second at 111 and Ufez climbs into third at 103. Make your picks and savor the follicular might of the newest Laker.

This Week's Games

New Orleans at Minnesota on ESPN (Wednesday)
Portland at L.A. Lakers on ESPN (Wednesday)
Golden State at Houston on TNT (Thursday)
San Antonio at L.A. Clippers on TNT (Thursday)
Toronto at Boston on ESPN (Friday)
Chicago at Milwaukee on ESPN (Friday)

Last Week's Results

Philadelphia 100, Indiana 94 (4 < 6 < 8)
L.A. Lakers 114, Minnesota 110 (3 < 4 < 5)
Oklahoma City 98, Houston 80 (13 < 18 < 23)
Milwaukee 134, Golden State 111 (16 < 23 < 30)
Utah 123, Boston 115 (6 < 8 < 10)

Player Scores

bender's picks

Philadelphia by 5, 8 points
Minnesota by 4, 0 points
Oklahoma City by 11 [lock], 10 points
Golden State by 12 [lock], -10 points
New Orleans by 6, 0 points

Goyoucolts's picks

Indiana by 6, 0 points
L.A. Lakers by 5 [lock], 16 points
Houston by 10 [lock], -10 points
Golden State by 14 [lock], -10 points
Utah by 4, 5 points

Howard_T's picks

Indiana by 11, 0 points
Minnesota by 6, 0 points
Houston by 16 [lock], -10 points
Golden State by 16 [lock], -10 points
Utah by 6, 8 points

NoMich's picks

Indiana by 7, 0 points
L.A. Lakers by 9, 5 points
Oklahoma City by 7, 5 points
Golden State by 12 [lock], -10 points
Boston by 6, 0 points

rcade's picks

Indiana by 6, 0 points
L.A. Lakers by 10, 5 points
Oklahoma City by 12, 5 points
Golden State by 8 [lock], -10 points
Boston by 4, 0 points

scooby10672's picks

Indiana by 4 [lock], -10 points
L.A. Lakers by 6, 5 points
Oklahoma City by 3 [lock], 10 points
Golden State by 6, 0 points
Boston by 2 [lock], -10 points

Ufez Jones's picks

Philadelphia by 7, 8 points
Minnesota by 8, 0 points
Houston by 11, 0 points
Golden State by 8, 0 points
Utah by 7 [lock], 16 points


PlayerTotal ScoreThis Week
Ufez Jones10324

Picks must be submitted in this discussion before the game's tipoff. So if you miss Tuesday games you can still choose the games for the rest of the week.

posted by rcade to basketball at 02:18 PM - 13 comments

Minnesota by 7
Portland by 8

Golden State by 8
L.A. Clippers by 6

Toronto by 6
Milwaukee by 13

posted by NoMich at 03:15 PM on November 14

Damn, Ufie! You got points in only two of the matches, but you scored 16 in a lock for one of them. Noice!

posted by NoMich at 03:17 PM on November 14

I think I need a crystal ball that can hit the occasional 3 and find the open man. Can anyone suggest a trade?

OK, let's try this again.

Wednesday, Nov. 14:

Once again the Pelicans migrate north in the autumn. For birds this is backwards. New Orleans by 9

Blazing a trail to purple and gold country, Trail Blazers find what they're looking for. Portland by 12

Thursday, Nov. 15:

Two teams whose expectations have seemingly been lowered. Is it a case of needing "better things for better living through chemistry?" (Former slogan for E. I. Dupont) Golden State (without KD) by 11

Clippers and Spurs are both ranked highly in the latest NBA power rankings. Los Angeles (non-purple) by 14

Friday, Nov. 16:

Raptors are rolling early while Celtics are struggling. My son and I are planning to be there imparting whatever energy we can to the Green. Boston by 4

I will see the Bulls tonight, but that won't help them a bit. Milwaukee by 13 SLAM

posted by Howard_T at 03:24 PM on November 14

Minnesota by 4 (Wednesday)
L.A. Lakers by 4 (Wednesday)
Houston by 4 (Thursday)
L.A. Clippers by 4 (Thursday)
Toronto by 4 (Friday)
SLAM Milwaukee by 9 (Friday) SLAM

posted by bender at 04:45 PM on November 14

Yay, I sucked less than everyone else last week!

- New Orleans by 7
- Lakers by 6
- Warriors by 8
- Clips by 5
- Toronto by 6
- Milwaukee by 15 (slam)

posted by Ufez Jones at 05:42 PM on November 14

I will see the Bulls tonight

Oddly enough, I saw them Monday night against my Mavs since I happened to be in Chicago for a work thing.

posted by Ufez Jones at 05:43 PM on November 14

Wednesday 11-14
New Orleans by 4 SLAM
LA Lakers by 4

posted by scooby10672 at 07:58 PM on November 14

New Orleans by 4
L.A. Lakers by 10
Golden State by 4
L.A. Clippers by 9 <-- dunk
Toronto by 4
Milwaukee by 23 <-- dunk

posted by rcade at 08:30 PM on November 14

Oddly enough, I saw them Monday night

Right now (halftime) they're down by 16, shooting at 34%, 4 of 10 from 3, and have 10 turnovers. Not exactly a recipe for success.

posted by Howard_T at 08:35 PM on November 14

Miss a week and move up in the standings. Miss Wednesday games and would have gotten them both wrong anyway. Why am I picking at all?

Houston by 3
L.A. Clippers by 6
Toronto by 8
Milwaukee by 14 - SLAM

posted by tron7 at 10:56 AM on November 15

Not exactly a recipe for success.

The game I went to was very sloppy on both sides, but living in St. Louis, I don't get the chance to hit up many games and Dallas being in town while I happened to be there just seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up, even though I didn't get to see Dirk live one last time.

posted by Ufez Jones at 12:31 PM on November 15

Friday 11-16

Bos by 2 SLAM

Mil by 16 SLAM

posted by scooby10672 at 06:41 PM on November 16

This is the only contest in the en-tire country that includes the supervisor as a participant* that I am confident about.

*and current leader

posted by beaverboard at 07:16 PM on November 16

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