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Even With Confession of Cheating, World’s Doping Watchdog Did Nothing: "WADA, the global regulator of doping in Olympic sports, did not begin an inquiry, even though a staff lawyer circulated the message to three top officials, calling the accusations “relatively precise,” including names and facts. Instead, the agency did something that seemed antithetical to its mission to protect clean athletes. It sent Ms. Pishchalnikova’s email to Russian sports officials — the very people who she said were running the doping program."

posted by kokaku to olympics at 10:11 AM on June 16, 2016 - 0 comments

"We are athletes, OK? We are athletes. We are not gladiators. This is not the Roman Coliseum": Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric Winston has something to say to Chiefs fans who cheered after Matt Cassel leaves the game with a concussion.

posted by kokaku to football at 10:08 PM on October 07, 2012 - 10 comments

Player Completes Perfect Set at Wimbledon: Yaroslava Shvedova played a flawless set of tennis, the best by a woman in at least 44 years, in the third round at Wimbledon. She won every point (24) and every game (6) in the first set against Sara Errani, winning 6-0, 6-4. The last pro to do it was Bill Scanlon in a first-round match in 1983. "To me, that's almost as incredible as Isner-Mahut," said Sam Querrey, one of the men's competitors.

posted by kokaku to tennis at 02:22 PM on July 01, 2012 - 2 comments

Game Over: Contradicting some of baseball's most cherished clichés, statistics show that your team's fate may well be sealed by June 1. As Yogi Berra said, 'It gets late early out there.'

posted by kokaku to baseball at 09:43 AM on May 23, 2011 - 3 comments

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I believe he also called a guy a mountain forker once

posted by kokaku at 05:28 PM on March 12, 2019

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Child me, excited as anything for that Super Bowl, snack spread arrayed around me, watching solo because my dad was away, cried as that game ended in the first 5 minutes. Thank you, no. I'll take these wins over that any day of the week.

posted by kokaku at 01:17 PM on February 05, 2019

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

... I had no idea that New England sports had made a nefarious deal with unseen powers to bring championships across all the sports. Soon we will learn the true terms of that arrangement.

posted by kokaku at 04:18 PM on January 21, 2019

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I agree that call was terrible (and I'm a Pats fan). There were also 2 KC DPIs on the same play that could have been called instead.

posted by kokaku at 04:15 PM on January 21, 2019

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

The refereeing in the second game was awful. Does anyone know what PI is anymore? It's not pushing off except when it is. It's not grabbing an arm except when it is. It's not mugging the receiver except when it is.

posted by kokaku at 11:58 PM on January 20, 2019

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

you mean he can't sink a long putt?

posted by kokaku at 08:59 PM on December 20, 2018

The Complications Surrounding the Copa Libertadores Final Unlike Any Other

FIFA president Gianni Infantino told Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici that if his team does not play tonight, they will be disqualified, per reports. This, however, would not be down to FIFA as Copa Libertadores is a CONMEBOL tournament and any decision can only be made by the aforementioned governing body.

Ah, FIFA, always good to know you'll do the wrong thing. CONMEBOL should forfeit River Plate and give the title to Boca Juniors.

posted by kokaku at 12:43 PM on November 28, 2018

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Thanks for the update Howard. Knowing my dad, he's probably still sleeping so I hadn't heard from him yet. Great that you two had so much in common.

Looking forward to the screed too. With so few of us here reading regularly, maybe we need more screeds to spice things up.

posted by kokaku at 01:57 PM on November 02, 2018

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Go with what you know best if you're looking for minimal effort and ongoing maintenance. Go with what you want to learn if you're looking for a project to learn a new language.

posted by kokaku at 03:34 AM on October 24, 2018

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Prior to the playoffs, the Leafs hadn't lost by four goals all season

posted by kokaku at 01:36 PM on April 15, 2018

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

How on earth does he manage to overrun the ball by that much?

posted by kokaku at 09:09 AM on April 08, 2018

The search for Jackie Wallace

oh man that's a tough story to read

posted by kokaku at 06:43 PM on February 04, 2018

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

powerful video of all the concussions in the nfl this season

posted by kokaku at 12:52 PM on February 01, 2018

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

core strength at work, my friends (and flexible ankles/strong feet)

posted by kokaku at 09:45 AM on November 27, 2017

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

He should apologize for trying to stir shit up when there's no point to it. Men's and women's tennis are different. End of story. Crapping on Serena's accomplishments by comparing her that way does nothing to help anyone. It doesn't sound like Serena was saying she's the greatest or she could beat any man, so it just sounds like McEnroe being an asshole again.

posted by kokaku at 03:47 PM on June 28, 2017