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Patriots' About-Face Crafted By Owner

I think the Pats need to give Branch his money! He has done everything the team has asked oh him and then some (playing nickel on D). Branch is one of the top WR in the league right now, he should get the top dollar. To say ownership does not pay for talent is way off both the B brothers got their money Ted and Tom so when it is time to give to the other leaders on the team we want to claim that management is holding up a standard. Well I think that New England had better step up or they will watch the slow exodus of their players to teams who will.

posted by Robgtg at 11:56 AM on August 27, 2006

Raiders look to the past for a coach,

I'm happy to see Art get another chance. It will be more of a concern to fix the defense that is just plain soft. Art is an ex- O line guy and he will get that group back to respectibility with Gore and Gallery injecting new blood. Good luck Art you will surely miss having the Vick factor.

posted by Robgtg at 03:43 PM on February 11, 2006