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NFL Exec: Terrell Owens is Done

I live in the SF Bay area and have lived here since 1986. I lived through the TO years here and I can tell you what he did to the locker room and Jeff Garcia were horrible. when TO was a rookie, he was spectacular. He trained and practiced hard, emulating Jerry Rice. Of course, having Jerry Rice play with him for TO's 1st year is probably what kept TO's ego in check. Once Jerry left the troubles with TO began.

Mind you, I loved TO for his first 3 years here and so did most fans. However, once Jerry left, something happened with TO's ego. He became unhinged and began behaving like the prima donna you have seen since. when Jerry was here TO kept his mouth shut, played hard and was a great teammate. I can't really say what happened, other than his greatness went to his head and he doesn't have the emotional maturity to handle things.

almost as soon as Jerry Rice left he began complaining about not getting the ball enough. soon it escalated into attacks on Jeff Garcia not liking to throw to him, then he hinted it was racial.....Then TO dropped the gay thing.....and he repeated if several times in the local newsmedia...I was never a Jeff Garcia fan but he is a very decent guy and a very solid quarterback.....

After a few years of TO's ego out of control, the 49ers and the fans justed wanted him gone. With TO all you get was him wanting attention, even to the detriment of his team. HE destroyed the cameradarie in SF's locker room. He was as bad here as he was in Philly and Dallas.

When he went to Philly, I actually hated him. I gave him two years in Philly and was blown away when he began his crying fits in the first season. and the way he went after Donovan McNabb blew me away. Of course he couldn't use the race card any more with McNabb....After Philly, came Dallas and he behave the same there...

Remember his suicide attempt? That is still the strangest thing I have ever seen....

TO? A very immature man, with the temperment and emotional makeup of a little child of about 5 years old. the only time he was ever really great as a player and a teammate was when he played with Jerry Rice....

such a shame really! He had the talent to be one of the best ever...

posted by rangerhawk at 09:58 PM on November 01, 2009