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Wilt Chamberlain-Archie Clark, Charles Barkley-Jeff Hornacek, Allen Iverson-?

Man its pathetic to see what the Sixers have become. Its a shame that such a marvelous player is going to be traded. Iverson has always been my favorite player and im defintely sad about him leaving my fav team the sixers. Iverson is honeslty the best player i have ever seen play and i have seen Jordan play in his prime. Its just alot more impressive for a person of Iverson's stature to do what he does than somebody whos 6ft. 6in or something like that. Im defintely mad because i know the sixers are going to get crappy players in return. Nobody can equal the amount of work he puts in game in and game out. I think that Billy King seriously neeeeeeds to get fired cause he has not earned his money since 2001 when they went to the finals. And when the season ended last year he said something about them needing to change the team or whatever and i didnt see him do anything. Billy King never gets blamed and he really does need to because he never got Iverson the players he needed. I remember when he was trying to get Iverson a number 2 scorer he got Toni Kukoc,Matt Harpring,Keith Van Horn, Glenn Robinson, I mean come on seriously what was he thinking. Only until last year he got C-Webb and they were the number one scoring duo in the league but the overall Sixer defense was horrible. They cant out score every body all the time. And i hate when people say that he shoots too much because they fail to notice that he averages like 7-8 assits per game. Its not Iverson, its the rest of the team that plays with no heart. I like Sam Dalembert and all but he needs to step up and stop gettin into foul trouble, Iguodala needs to be more aggresive, Korver needs to play better D, and their bench needs to play better. At no point and time will I ever say that Iverson was the problem, because he isnt. Ive been watchin Philly play since forever and another thing I noticed is that Billy King never spends money and when he does he does it stupidly by giving away huge contracts to people who dont diserve it. I remember a couple of years ago they gave BRIAN SKINNER a 20 some MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT. Are you kidding me. He didnt even do good and he was eventually traded. Billy King is a bad person for the job and i hope he gets fired cause in my book i think its his time to leave philly not Iverson.

posted by vickhater at 08:05 PM on December 09, 2006