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Huge sports fan! Love watching golf while drinking a cold beer but would rather be playing golf... while drinking a cold beer.

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Former Bills GM Bill Polian is the co-founder of a new football league: On Tuesday morning, entertainment producer Charlie Ebersol announced the creation of the Alliance of American Football, an outdoor football league that is scheduled to kick off on February 9, 2019.

posted by BornIcon to football at 10:37 AM on March 21, 2018 - 13 comments

University Rochester football player kidnapped and tortured for 40 hours: A college football player thought he and a friend were going to meet up with two women. Instead, they were abducted and tortured for 40 hours -- all because of a teammate.

posted by BornIcon to football at 12:44 PM on June 30, 2017 - 7 comments

Girl's Soccer Team Banned from Tournament : An eight-year-old girl's soccer team was reportedly disqualified from a tournament on Sunday because organizers told her she "looks like a boy."

posted by BornIcon to soccer at 10:20 AM on June 06, 2017 - 4 comments

Tony Romo heading into broadcasting with CBS: Romo has reached a verbal agreement with CBS to be its No. 1 color commentator -- replacing former NFL quarterback Phil Simms -- alongside play-by-play veteran Jim Nantz

posted by BornIcon to football at 12:24 PM on April 04, 2017 - 7 comments

The Bennett Brothers vs. Everyone: MICHAEL AND MARTELLUS Bennett tend to perplex people. This becomes clear when we stop for lunch at a West Hollywood café, the kind of crunchy, actressy place that serves food on wooden boards. The brothers split up as soon as they walk in. Michael circles a display of expensive sweets ("I don't eat American chocolate," he sniffs), and Martellus hovers near the entrance, offering health and safety advice to customers as they leave the restaurant. "Wrap it up," he counsels a man walking out the door. The guy stares at him, trying to deduce why a stranger is telling him to wear a condom.

posted by BornIcon to football at 12:43 PM on August 03, 2016 - 1 comment

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So...About that Serena Cartoon

Yeah, if he did that then I agree

There's no if, that's exactly what he did.

posted by BornIcon at 01:48 PM on September 13, 2018

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I think he meant that he's a rookie criminal.

posted by BornIcon at 12:45 PM on August 30, 2018

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Mychal Kendricks Charged with Insider Trading; LB 'Deeply' Regrets Actions

posted by BornIcon at 11:29 AM on August 29, 2018

Andrew McCutchen Re-Enacts Dodgers-Giants Brawl

He's too funny with his play by play on the "brawl".

posted by BornIcon at 01:43 PM on August 16, 2018

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

High School Pitcher Strikes Out Childhood Friend To Win Game, Immediately Hugs Him

posted by BornIcon at 09:47 AM on June 12, 2018

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Maybe they served clam chowder when his heart wanted tomato bisque.

posted by BornIcon at 02:09 PM on March 02, 2018

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I cut cable a few years ago and haven't looked back. Get yourself a firestick and install Kodi. There are numerous add-ons to install to Kodi which will allow you to watch live TV. I think I have one of the best IPTV subscriptions which allows you to watch every live TV channel available and it also offers the Red Zone channel, MLB At-Bat, NBA TV and NHL Center Ice.

posted by BornIcon at 02:33 PM on December 27, 2017

With words and a strong grip, an MLB umpire pulls a woman back from the brink in Pittsburgh

Heard about this and what an incredible story.

posted by BornIcon at 10:20 AM on June 29, 2017

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

MLB Umpire John Tumpane Saves Woman Attempting Suicide on Pittsburgh Bridge

My bad, I didn't realize this was already posted. Please delete.

posted by BornIcon at 10:18 AM on June 29, 2017

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Crosby brings the cup into the locker room.

So awesome!!

posted by BornIcon at 02:02 PM on June 12, 2017

Legendary Sportswriter Frank Deford Dies


posted by BornIcon at 02:00 PM on May 30, 2017

ESPN laying off 100, including on-air personalities

John Buccigross was another cap casualty.

I would cancel cable if I could live without live broadcasts of the NFL, Premier League, MLS, Championship (England), international soccer and to a lesser degree MLB, NBA and NHL.

I cut my cable over a year ago and instead purchased an Amazon firestick and installed Kodi. Not to get too in-depth, there are add-ons that you can subscribe to and watch live TV and pay less than $20 a month. Best decision I ever made.

posted by BornIcon at 02:20 PM on April 26, 2017

SportsFilter's 15th Anniversary

Happy 15 SpoFi!

posted by BornIcon at 02:06 PM on January 24, 2017

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Shocking footage of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon hitting woman released

posted by BornIcon at 01:30 PM on December 19, 2016

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Chris Mortenson tweeted that Jeff Fisher was fired as the head coach for the LA Rams

posted by BornIcon at 02:45 PM on December 12, 2016