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322' 7 1/2"

He is no Evel that is for sure. Yea he made the jump and made it look easy, but he did it on state of the art equipment that alot of pro riders could have used to do it. I was not impresed. To me his willingness to go at it again showed that this was not the "death defying act" it was played up to be. His girlfriend was hot though. As Evel said "There will be other dare devils, but only one Evel."

posted by CHIEF FAN at 09:54 PM on January 01, 2008

The Hoser's NFL Picks -- Week Four

hawkguy, I understand that a half is not a season, but I do not believe the offense is is "horrible". With the addition of D-Bowe and when Eddie comes back to his well deserved #2 reciever spot we will be able to spread the offense out better and become less predictable which inturn will open up holes for LJ. To touch on the special team play we are only above avg in punting. Kickoff coverage and returns, not so much. Our defense on the other hand is going to be top 10. Are we ready to go to Arizona this year? No. But we do have a playoff team. I just would like to hear the national media state that the Chiefs beat the Chargers not the Chargers beat themselves. apoch thank you for the grammer lesson.

posted by CHIEF FAN at 05:00 PM on October 01, 2007

The Hoser's NFL Picks -- Week Four

. Chargers 31, Chiefs 16. Well at least you were close on the score, just flip it!!!!! You might not want to be L.J but D-Bowe came to play along with the D. Looks like the Chiefs are not who you thought they were!!!!

posted by CHIEF FAN at 08:10 AM on October 01, 2007

The Last Go Round

So if Peyton Manning throws four interceptions in the superbowl and the Colts loose do you just cast that aside and say football is a team sport? If the star of the team who is probably largley responsible for the team being in the playoffs chokes it is not unreasonable to put a large part of the blame on them for loosing. If in fact that same player is not the reason the team wins do you then hand him the MVP trophy also? Lets look at it ...if Manning throws 4 picks it is clearly not his fault. The reciever ran the wrong route, the line did not give him time, there was interference that was not called. Do you think M.J. could have done it without Pippen, Kerr, Big Bill, Paxton etc.? Let us not continue to raise good or great players to a level above others to the point that any cardboard cut-out of a man can fill the other roster spots!

posted by CHIEF FAN at 11:36 PM on August 16, 2007

Colts advance, thanks to... their D?

I cannot believe a word that Herm says anymore. Early in the week he was asked if Trent came out and did not play well if he would put Damon in? He responded that he would no doubt put him in because this is the playoffs and "you play to win the game." At half time we we down 9-0 and Trent was playing like the wounded man he is, still scared for his life and afraid to stand in and be hit (not unlike many quarterbacks but I wont get started on that) and Herm runs him back out to throw two more picks and fumble away the last chance we had. Now I dont believe Huard is the future of this team and there are more problems than just that but Herm has no credibility with the fans now and I dont think the players are buying his BS either. Its time to FIRE HERM!! I know its one season but he did nothing to improve his teams chances to win the game.

posted by CHIEF FAN at 11:00 PM on January 07, 2007


With all due respect, Black Hand, I did read the guidelines and no where in them did it say that I could not post an opinion......Which is just what I did. Everyone is entitled to MY opinion. PS you could always just ignore my post

posted by CHIEF FAN at 09:42 PM on September 27, 2006


30 million love it........I hate it!!! I cant wait for the Wizards to move their A_ _es out of Arrowhead and let the Chiefs have their stadium back. How many Football players have their scrotums split?? And they say soccer is not as violent as football....De DE DEEE

posted by CHIEF FAN at 08:40 AM on September 26, 2006