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U.S.A.: U.n S.elfish A.ttitude?: I know the acronym is a stretch, but can the team representing best players from the most self-absorbed, individualistic league really become a poster child for selfless play? Are these the same players with infamous reputations for contract holdouts requring millions of more dollars than they'll ever need? Yes. Have these players truly learned their lessons about sharing, or are they just pretending to now that the league they're competing in is twice as easy?

posted by RyanThaRappa to basketball at 12:47 AM on August 21, 2006 - 16 comments

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"The Righteous Fury of Dick Pound"

what an awkward article title

posted by RyanThaRappa at 01:22 PM on December 30, 2006

Dick Pounded Again Over Lab's Leaky Security and Procedures

haha what an awkward phrasing of title. either i'm a pervert or there was a better way to say it then dick pounded again over lab's leaky..

posted by RyanThaRappa at 09:27 PM on November 16, 2006

U.S.A.: U.n S.elfish A.ttitude?


posted by RyanThaRappa at 12:49 AM on August 21, 2006