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In its typical invocation, chemistry is a cop-out: an after-the-fact explanation of why a team won, especially against the odds. It lets us avoid uncomfortable truths: that baseball, like the workforce, is not always a meritocracy; that mediocre teams can capitalize on luck to beat very good ones; that the sport can be cosmically unjust. In the postgame twilight, chemistry coalesces as a narrative—the “It’s not you, it’s me” of baseball heartbreak. It rings hollow, but is not provably false.

posted by rumple to baseball at 07:03 PM on June 19, 2018 - 1 comment

Come Watch the Warriors-Rockets Series With Us From an Expert’s Couch: I'm not a basketball fan because play seems so random, but this article and video clips made it make sense to an extent.

posted by rumple to basketball at 02:21 PM on May 17, 2018 - 1 comment

LeBron James: NCAA is Corrupt: "I do know what five-star athletes bring to a campus, both in basketball and football. I know how much these college coaches get paid. I know how much these colleges are gaining off these kids. [......] Me and my mom was poor, I'll tell you that, and they expected me to step foot on a college campus and not to go to the NBA? We weren't going to be poor for long, I'll tell you that. That's a fact."

posted by rumple to basketball at 06:21 PM on February 27, 2018 - 8 comments

How Haudenosaunee women are overcoming stigma to earn a place in lacrosse: it gives girls a chance to be lifted up, and given a chance to do something that is unique because it originated in North America and it originated with their own people. And it becomes part of the weave of the fabric here.

posted by rumple to other at 10:20 PM on February 18, 2018 - 2 comments

The Film the NFL doesn't want you to see: In addition to the torn ACLs and MCLs, in addition to all of the horrible broken bones, the NFL diagnosed at least 281 traumatic brain injuries this season. And no document has ever quite displayed the horror of it all like “Concussion Protocol,” [an experimental, reverse motion] film by Josh Begley and Field of Vision. First link also includes audio discussion with Begley, Sean King, and Donte Stallworth, and a trailer for the film itself.

posted by rumple to football at 02:35 AM on February 07, 2018 - 3 comments

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NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Stanley Cup Final Round

I'm in the UK and haven't seen a result

I think Wash will win but in the interests of winning this contest:


Longest: 60 minutes +1

First goal: MAFleury (I see some strikethroughs already)

Conn Smythe Karlsson

Most goals Karlsson

Most penalty. Neal

% Fleury

Total goals. 33

Off to check score (just woke up and remembered this thing. If not cool then I volunteer for 2nd last )

posted by rumple at 01:36 AM on May 29, 2018

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round

I've been Malkoviched! I did feel a tingle in my nethers about that time . . .

posted by rumple at 09:06 PM on May 12, 2018

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round

I have no idea where that second post from me came from!

posted by rumple at 07:34 PM on May 11, 2018

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round

Washington in 6; Kuznetsov (goals), Backstrom (points) +1 +1

Winnipeg in 5; Laine (goals), Wheeler (points)

posted by rumple at 12:59 PM on May 11, 2018

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Second Round

Winnipeg in 7, Laine +2

San Jose in 6, Neal

Tampa Bay in 5, Point +1

Washington in 7, Crosby +1

posted by rumple at 01:09 AM on April 26, 2018

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

.... and may they all lose....

love, B.C.

posted by rumple at 07:53 PM on April 24, 2018

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Tonight

Winnipeg in 5 +2

Pittsburgh in 5 +1

Los Angeles in 7

Tampa Bay in 5 +2

Boston in 4 +1

Washington in 6 +2

Nashville in 4 +1

San Jose in 6 +1

Anze Kopitar

posted by rumple at 05:50 PM on April 11, 2018

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

3 professional soccer players vs 100 kids.

posted by rumple at 02:22 PM on March 30, 2018

MLB Execs Consider Wild 9th-Inning Batting Rule

So the team with the lead gets the chance to extend their lead though?

And I assume if you had, say, your 234 hitters coming up anyway you could then go 2341566 or something?

Actually a fun alternative would be for a game going into extra innings, start pulling fielders. So 10th inning no CF, then pull SS for the 11th, 3b for 12th. If you ever get to pulling the catcher the fans will go wild. I love this idea.

posted by rumple at 03:42 PM on February 24, 2018

MLB Execs Consider Wild 9th-Inning Batting Rule

I dunno I'm not really that much of a baseball fan but I think this would make the game more exciting. Chances are I would attend a few games and buy the online access package. Certainly I would purchase a cap and jersey of my team from and I would post baseball-related comments to Sportsfilter indicating my newly enhanced enthusiasm for America's pastime.

posted by rumple at 12:36 PM on February 24, 2018

The Film the NFL doesn't want you to see

I thought it was really creative in that it divorces the normal viewing of a "hit" and remixes it into something else .... there's no little "thrill" for each one, just a hurt player and then the spooky rise of bodies.

They do a few in normal order near the end of the trailer. Possibly watching a half hour or more of reversed ones in the whole film would induce a new understanding of the spectacle, or if they mixed them up .... .

posted by rumple at 02:51 PM on February 07, 2018

SportsFilter 2016-17 NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Champion: tron7

Thanks rcade ... moral victory for tron7 on raw points.....

Renewed condolences over your dad.

posted by rumple at 11:37 PM on February 05, 2018

Super Bowl 0x34

I can't abide the Flyers so I could never, ever support a Philadelphia team. So go New England, I guess.

posted by rumple at 07:11 PM on February 04, 2018

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Super Bowl 0x34

New England by 14 LOCK -10

FG: Gostkowski

FIRST TD: Gronkowski

PASSING: Brady +5


RECEIVING: Amendola +5

SACK: C Long


OOPS: Foles +5

MVP: Brady


posted by rumple at 07:59 PM on February 02, 2018

Cleveland Indians Will Drop Chief Wahoo in 2019

It's been posted before I think, but the Spokane Indians baseball team has taken a lead here. Of course, Spokane is named after the tribe so it's a little different but if they do continue to use "Indians" as a generic term (which they shouldn't) there are a lot of respectful ways they could rework their jerseys. I see they are going to keep selling Chief Wahoo merchandise to maintain their trademark (couldn't they just offer non-existent always out of stock wahoo merchandise?).

(Arguable Cleveland is just as offensive a name if you are Native American)

posted by rumple at 07:05 PM on January 29, 2018