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The arm that changed the draft

I was so proud of myself when I got a Brien Taylor Topps Stadium Club rookie card...a gem of my collection. I ended up trading it for a Randall Cunningham rookie card (it was a good investment, he told me), which kickstarted my 11 year old love of the NFL and the Eagles - a serious feat, considering I'm Canadian. In retrospect, I got the better of that trade on most levels...I just wish I got a rookie card of a team that didn't taunt me so much. But while he never rocked the world like a Clemens or Maddux, he changed my life completely in quite a bizarre way...Sorry for the derail...but Brien Taylor! Jeez!

posted by evadery at 04:29 PM on June 05, 2006

Bryan Colangelo hired as GM of the Toronto Raptors

Scott nailed it, for the most part...though there's still a small part of me that thinks that due to Embry's good relationship with both Colangelo and Mitchell, and Bosh's positive relationship with Mitchell and (seemingly) the younger players, the two of them may be able to play nice. An added note: Love the blog, Scott...but where's the RSS feed?

posted by evadery at 11:31 PM on February 28, 2006