August 02, 2002

"Mobsters on ice." (check out the last sentence of this article): Russia's Olympic ice skating champs want to sue unnamed US networks for using their pictures in reporting the indictment of a Russian Mafioso accused of trying to fix two ice skating events at this year's Utah Winter games. Surprised nobody's posted anything on this recent flap. There's a rich vein to mine here, folks: Russian mobster indicted in Italy (oh, the irony!) in connection with Olympics (international intrigue!). And, now that the mob's involved, can ice skating finally be considered a real sport?

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Here we go with another 'real sport' question. I know I am guilty of questioning pastimes (baseball, speed eating, etc.) as sports in the past, but I think enough is enough. We all know that ice skating is a soap opera. Do we keep having to bring this one up?

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I work at an international radio station in Montreal, where World Anti-Doping Agency head Dick Pound lives; Pound always gives, what's known in the trade, "Good clips." Yesterday Pound recommended ice dancing deep-sixed from the IOC. He also rejected excuses from Canadian triathlete Kelly Guest that his recent positive test at the Commonwealth Games wasn't his fault as the traces of steroids prolly came from eating a nutritional supplement. "There's a latin expression for that," Pound said. "It is: 'bullshit.'" He also said that "if you're smart enough to breath" you should be smart enough to avoid supplements. Back on topic: Over at the Mother Ship, a wiser poster than me observed: Figure skating is the WWF for girls."

posted by Cap'n Swing at 02:15 PM on August 03

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