February 10, 2004

Assistant A's GM on Refining the System: From a leadership conference held recently, Oakland A's GM Paul DePodesta talks about how they blew up the legacy way of running a baseball team and how they implemented their current system, which was captured in Michael Lewis' Moneyball. A fascinating read if you are interested in sports, business, process, or innovation.

posted by lew to baseball at 08:41 PM - 2 comments

Really cool article lew .... thanks.

posted by smithers at 10:17 PM on February 10

Excellent read. I'm a purist and still believe in subjective evaluations such as "clubhouse presence, "chemistry", and "clutch hitter" - but DePodesta makes an awful lot of sense. There is room in baseball for all kinds. Good find lew.

posted by vito90 at 03:42 PM on February 11

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