January 15, 2011

Vernon Wells Discusses His Controversial Contract: Heartened by his 2010 season, Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Vernon Wells is more willing to talk about the seven-year, $126 million contract that's been a bad deal for the team. He says, "When you struggle in this game, there's so much expected of you from an outside standpoint, it eats away at you. ... I'm glad I went through that '09 season because I got a chance to see what the bad side is like and I don't want to ever be there again."

posted by rcade to baseball at 02:23 PM - 2 comments

I think you may be reading more into the story than is there. The "dumb for the club, great for his family" is not Wells' quote, but the author's adjective phrase set off in quotation marks. If it was actually Wells talking, it would be "dumb for the club, great for my family" or paraphrased "dumb for the club, great for [his] family." And I don't see him offering to give any of the money back. One thing Wells is correct about though, nobody is really worth a contract like that. But if that's what the club is willing to pay . . .

posted by graymatters at 04:33 PM on January 15

You're probably right. The use of quotes for stuff that quotes nobody threw me off. I've changed the headline.

posted by rcade at 09:19 AM on January 16

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