April 15, 2009

Craig MacTavish won't be coaching the Oilers next year: Today Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini announced MacTavish had been relieved of his coaching duties after nine seasons behind the bench. “Craig, through his discussions with Kevin (Lowe) and myself, it became quite clear that it was the right thing for Craig and the right thing for the Oilers at this point,” said Tambellini. “We need a new voice, we need a new start, newer expectations, we need a new discipline and it’s time to look forward."

posted by tommytrump to hockey at 06:38 PM - 2 comments

Miss the playoffs three seasons straight, is anything different expected?

posted by billsaysthis at 11:48 AM on April 16

I have a buddy who is a die-hard Oiler's fan. He cheered every Oilers' loss over the last month of the season. I guess missing 4 or 5 playoff games was more appealing then having MacT coaching the team all of next season.

As far as expectations of firing go, that organization is known to give players from their dynasty years the benefit of the doubt. While MacT leaving was certainly the expectation, it was not a certainty.

posted by Miles1996 at 02:10 PM on April 16

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