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July 15

Problem posting with Google Chrome: I've noticed that I cannot post comments in Google Chrome. The live preview doesn't work, and the "post comment" button is grayed out, even after typing a comment in the comment box. Posting new threads apparently still works, though. I'm using version 20.0.1132.57, if that helps...

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April 06

Logjam for President's Trophy: Didn't want to make a FPP for this, but I have a question about the NHL's tiebreaker policy. More inside first comment...

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January 11

Firefox rendering problem.: Since the last round of updates, I've noticed a small rendering problem in Firefox. Sometimes the Post Reply box is missing, sometimes the Preview and Reply buttons are unresponsive or non-existent, and sometimes the button appear inside the text box for replying. Hitting refresh usually solves the problem, but I thought I'd let the Pantheon know...I'm using FF 1.5 by the by...

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October 27

Any sites out there with historical roster data?: I've been playing around with NFL 2K5, and I want to make the historical teams in the game as accurate as possible. The players outside current NFLPA players is severely lacking. Is there a site on the internet that has information such as player name, number, and position, broken down by season? I've searched, but nothing I've found has what I need. The more info the better...

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June 08

Final CBC Cup Playoffs standings...more inside...

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May 24

CBC Hockey Pool Standings...after 3 rounds...More inside...

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