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So are we doing the (more inside) way or what? The NFL post today took up the entire front page for me. I don't care either way we do it, let's just get somewhat uniform.

posted by elsoltano at 06:39 AM on November 25

ooh like a weekly best picks for gambling across all sports? I'd like that, good call catfish.

posted by elsoltano at 07:23 AM on November 19

I'll do MLS on Sundays so we can recap the saturday games and prepare for the wednesday matches. Should I include US Men's National Team news in there, or is that out of scope do you think?

posted by elsoltano at 07:01 AM on November 15

I'd like to do the MLS once the season starts up again.

posted by elsoltano at 02:55 PM on November 14

I like the idea also. I agree with corpse, I just want to talk about sports.

posted by elsoltano at 06:43 AM on November 14

You make your changes, then you watch them payoff...what else is there to do? Watch the games :( I haven't seen a single game in a month unfortunately.

posted by elsoltano at 08:01 PM on November 13

Ugh, I'm at sauril level of activity at this point. A crazy project at work is taking up all my time for the past 3 weeks, but it will luckily end soon. But will it be in time to be able to catch starfucker?

posted by elsoltano at 06:58 PM on November 12

I'd be interested in a pay league also if it had better features and quick updates. Yahoo is getting very annoying!

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posted by elsoltano at 12:46 PM on October 30

I sure like that big type for #1 :) Congrats to Cory on the huge leap. I think my performance so far should at least put me in the running to be Sunderland's new coach.

posted by elsoltano at 11:32 AM on October 08

Haha I'm back on top! Started the season with a good 3 weeks at the top and then lost it all for a bit, but now I'm back! Watch out!

posted by elsoltano at 05:43 PM on October 07

you should give me some advice then trox! I had an awful week, with a full 3 of my players not even bothering to show up. Pulled groin my ass Edu!! It's this Champions League that's messing me all up. You know, go with some easy points and pick Viera or something, and you show up to work the next morning and he's crying about how tired he is! It's all been a disaster for me since the Champions League. Just let Real Madrid win and Ronaldo do little flips and call it a day. Then get back to real footie :)

posted by elsoltano at 02:44 PM on September 24

I'm so close to 2nd!! SOMEONE SCORE PLEASE! Oh wait.. the matches are over..

posted by elsoltano at 03:29 PM on September 17

I completely agree with ttrendel. It's not like things are scrolling off the locker room too fast.

posted by elsoltano at 09:57 AM on September 16

Could I have picked worse this week? Actually, I don't think I could've (I had the lowest week score of anyone). Congrats Starfucker and FatBuddha, I'll catchya week 5!

posted by elsoltano at 05:00 PM on September 12

This week is going to be a disaster for me I think, no clear picks, lots of weird matchups. Ugh.

posted by elsoltano at 07:14 AM on September 05

Fat Buddha, Birmingham looked incredible in my opinion. Living here in Columbus I have a soft spot for them because of Stern John who used to play for the Columbus Crew. What was funny was the Birmingham:Blackburn game the other week. Stern John (from the Crew) has a shot on goal saved by Brad Friedel (from the Crew). The EPL is turning into the Columbus Crew :) Cisse is excellent and you've got that guy with the long hair - uhh, I forget his name, he looked excellent as well. I was watching the match on Fox Sports World and friends came by and ended up watching it with me, they were all very impressed by Birmingham (one thought it was Chelsea). What a fun team to watch!

posted by elsoltano at 09:52 PM on August 31

This has been really fun so far and I'm really enjoying it. Amazing week for Drood- 107 points in one week! ***SOME MATCH RESULTS BELOW SPOILERS*** I just got done watching the Birmingham:Leeds match on Fox Sports World and I think I made a mistake betting heavily on Leeds this week (figuring they would mop up with Birmingham). ***END SPOILERS *** For people who are new or thinking about signing up - do it! There's a LOT left to the season and you're not behind at all. If you're, like me, a relative newbie to following the EPL (I only watched casually here and there before) you'll find that playing really helps you understand the league a lot better.

posted by elsoltano at 01:43 PM on August 31

You're not given very many points to spend so it's difficult to have more than one star player. I picked a team but it took some wrangling. FWIW I set up a private league between some friends and I didn't see a way to change the number of points given to players.

posted by elsoltano at 10:04 AM on July 27